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Findi - Accountable Saving
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Findi - Accountable Saving
Findi - Accountable Saving

Findi - Accountable Saving

Geliştirici: FINDI LTD
Uygulama Boyutu: 51,8 MB
Çıkış Tarihi: 4 Mar 2021
Fiyat: FREE
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Is your savings account a little short of where you want it? Are you tired of failing at saving? If you answered yes to either of these, don’t worry. Your solution is here.
FinDi, the personal trainer for your finances, makes it easy, fun and profitable to save money.

It uses automatic recurring payments to build up savings for you and personal accountability partners to keep your money safe… from yourself.


Research proves that humans have only a 10% chance of completing a goal (such as a savings goal) when it is only an idea, but this increases to 95% when tied to another human and a specific appointment. This is the power of behavioral nudges, which we tap into to save people from themselves. We want to move you from the 10% to the 95%.


• All funds are held in YOUR FinDi account the entire time so your Goalkeepers never have actual access to your money or even visibility to how much is in your Goalbank. They only know that you are saving for something.

• If you ever need to override a Goalkeeper veto for a special circumstance, you can do so by contacting FinDi LTD.

• FinDi uses bank-level security and is FDIC insured so your money is guaranteed safe by the U.S. Federal government.


FinDi is unique due to the way that we address a common problem. We understand that people need more than just access to technology; they need help with their own psychological disposition. We acknowledge that it takes willpower to stick to a financial goal. So rather than only giving users the tools to save money, we set up protocols and support to ensure that they do not pull out their savings early and stick to their goals. That’s why FinDi is a personal trainer; it's saving you from yourself.


FinDi benefits society and local economies. About 70% of Americans don’t have $1,000 in savings and only 10% of those in credit card debt are there because their needs outpace their income. FinDi enables low income citizens to have increased savings, be less susceptible to loan sharks and payday lenders, and survive medical and other financial emergencies. This leads to higher college graduation rates, better health outcomes, and lower overall inequality as we attack the wealth gap.


With FinDi, you commit to a savings goal and assign one or more of your close friends or family members as an accountability partner, or a Goalkeeper, to that commitment. FinDi then withdraws small amounts of money from your bank at intervals you choose and puts it toward your goals.

If you are about to falter and break your pledge, you won’t be able to because goalkeeper permission is required in order to withdraw money early from a Goalbank. This forces users not to break their pledges and withdraw early. Once the account has reached maturity, users have uninhibited access to the funds; no goalkeeper necessary.

Step 1 - Choose the goals and pace that works for you

Users choose a pledge to a specific savings goal(s) they feel comfortable committing to. It then breaks the larger task of saving into small daily, weekly or monthly automatic withdrawals from the user’s checking account.

Step 2a - Set it and forget it

Findi makes automatic recurring transfers from your bank account to your virtual Findi goalbank so you don’t have to think about it.

Step 2b - Keep calm, saving is happening

It ensures that you stick to your savings goals by letting you choose one or two Goalkeepers who you will make aware of your pledge. The Goalkeeper(s) function(s) as a deterrent to withdrawing money from the Goalbank before it reaches its predetermined goal. This prohibits users from spending the money that they are saving.

Step 3 - Reap the benefits

Then once the account has reached it’s purpose, you have uninhibited access to the funds; no goalkeeper necessary.
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