Events for Destiny Track Public Events Timers
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Events for Destiny Track Public Events Timers
Events for Destiny Track Public Events Timers

Events for Destiny Track Public Events Timers

Sviluppatore: Ruben Frosali
Dimensione dell'App: 29,9 MB
Data di rilascio: 13 nov 2014
Prezzo: FREE
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29,9 MB
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!! Now with Rise of Iron Plaguelands Events !!

Completing Public Events is the best way to Rank Up Fast, collect Rewards, Glimmer and Rare Materials. But wandering aimlessly on Patrol is not the best way to do it.

Events for Destiny helps you track down any upcoming event, showing exactly Where and When events will occur and allowing you to achieve a Gold-Tier rating every time. One Public Event after another.

With a Daily updated database, as well as a network of real-time alerts from other Guardians, it’s the more reliable Timer App for Destiny.

And it’s also the most beautiful, with gorgeous graphics, UI animations and diagrammatic maps for every planet, to help you find the way to the nearest event.

In addition to predicting Public Events, you can also check the current Weekly & Daily Missions, Arena (with modifiers and rewards), Xur Inventory with detailed stats, Arms Day Orders, when the Vendors refresh their inventories, Xur is visiting the Tower (and what is selling) or what kind of Special Limited Time Events are happening right now.

Oh, and it’s free! :)

* G.A.N. (Guardian Alliance Network) - Notification Alerts based on Guardians Feedback in Real Time [Beta]
* Improved Algorithm to Predict Public Events
* Warp Drive Planet Shortcut Selector
* Self-Updating Public Events
* All Events Section
* Simplified Maps (Full View in Landscape)
* Notification Alert with Warm Up
* Vendor Inventory Refresh times
* Daily & Weekly Refresh
* Detailed Arena Rounds with Modifiers
* Special Events Countdown
* The Hub News Lounge
* Link to useful websites for Destiny

***** Invaluable by theonlylars
Not sure what I would do without it. Run around patrolling planets just waiting for public events like an animal? Nobody got time for that.
***** Well with the cost!! by Conmore
Awesome app. Especially the paid version with the extra features. Developer continually makes improvements as required.
***** Sharp Interface, Accurate Predictions! by Cookieznom
The real-time notification system for events (guardians can report an event when it happens so you can join the fray) makes this app different from all the others, it's so useful! Currently, that piece of the system is in beta and is only available for those who pay 1.99, but the amount of time it saves by taking out the guesswork is EXTREMELY worth it! Know when events happen as they start!
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Events for Destiny Track Public Events Timers 2.6 23 gen 2017
23 gen 2017 Storia delle versioni
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.Bug Fixes to the G.A.N. Network Manager

~Ruben Frosali
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Prezzo: FREE
Versione: 2.6
Compatibilità: Richiede iOS 6 O versioni successive
ID del pacchetto: com.pxlartificer.destinypublicevents
Dimensione: 29,9 MB
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Data di rilascio: 13 nov 2014
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Sviluppatore: Ruben Frosali
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