How to Budget Save Invest
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How to Budget Save Invest
How to Budget Save Invest

How to Budget Save Invest

Personal finance tips and quizes

Developer: Andrej Trajkovski
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Release Date: Dec 12, 2020
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Learn To Budget, Manage Your Personal Finance, Save, Invest, Pay Off Debt, Build Wealth, Cut Expenses, Build Several Income Streams, and reach Financial Freedom, in an easy, efficient and fun way while winning points!

Learn everything you need to know to successfully manage your budget, save more every month, invest wisely, build wealth, and make money work for you instead of the other way around!

The path to financial freedom is laid out for you in these 150 modules that go step-by-step through the most important aspects of achieving financial success!


You earn points by passing a quiz after every chapter! This is the next level of learning budgeting, saving, and investing!

We cover every topic you need to know to master your personal finances. The chapters are divided into 17 sections of building wealth:
- Frugality & Wealth Building Mindset
- Finance & Microeconimics Basics
- Budgeting & Saving
- Debt & Interest
- Banks, Credit Cards & Credit Score
- Mortgages & Student Loans
- Education & College
- Wealth Generation & Income Streams
- Employment & Income
- Expenses, Bills, Housing & Transportation
- Investment
- Taxes
- Recession
- Insurance
- Retirement
- Estate Planning
- Personal Finance And Those Around You

The chapters are structured into a natural and easy-to-digest way, starting from the building blocks and moving to more advanced topics.

We start off with the essential mindset tips for success: Personal Finance Mindsets about Limiting Beliefs, Frugality, Lifestyle Inflation, Compulsive Spending, Minimalism, and Investing in Yourself.

Then we move on to some finance and microeconomics basics: Setting Financial Goals, Tracking Expenses, Time Value Of Money, Net Worth, Reducing Expenses and Increasing Income, and more.

In the next section we get down to business with saving tips: How To Create A Budget, Budget Apps and Spreadsheets, Tips for Saving Money, Discount Shopping, Prioritizing Spending, the 50/30/20 Rule, etc.

Next up is the important topic of debt and interest: Debt Management, Reduction, Consolidation, Compound Interest, Bankruptcy, Getting Rid Of Credit Card Debt.

After that, we cover banks, credit cards and credit scores: How Credit Works, Credit and Debit Cards, Rewards, Credit Score, Improving the Credit Score, FICO Score, etc.

Naturally, we follow up with mortgages and loans: How Mortgages Work, Refinancing A Mortgage, Paying Down a Mortgage, Student Loans, How To Pay Off Student Loans, etc.

We cover education after that: Should You Go To College, Avoiding Student Loans, Grants And Scholarships, Making Money In College.

And after that, we talk about wealth: Building Wealth, Assets And Liabilities, Financial Freedom, Inflation, Multiple Income Streams.

We continue with income and employment: Are You Underpaid, How to Ask For a Raise or a Promotion, Side Hustle Ideas, How To Make Money Online, and other cool tips.

Then we go through expenses: Paying Bills and Saving on Bills, Rentint and Buying a Home, House Mortgages, Buying and Leasing Cars.

We follow up with investment: Stock Markets, Bonds, Options, Futures, Gold, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Index Funds, Royalties.

Then, everyone's least favorite - taxes and recession: How To Do Your Taxes, Reduction Variables, Brackets, How to Prepare and Profit During Recession, etc.

Next we talk about insurance: How Insurance Works, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, etc.

And, of course, retirement: Retirement Planning, Maximize Your Retirement Savings, Social Security Benefits, Medicare And Medicaid, 401 K, 403(b), Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Trust Funds, Making a Will, etc.

We finish up with personal finances and your friends and family: Combining Finances, Finances For Children, Lending Money To Friends Or Family, Inheritance.

Join us on this incredible adventure. Let's get deep into all the ways you can succeed with your personal finance and budget!
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How to Budget Save Invest 4.1.0 Jan 26, 2024
Jan 26, 2024 Version History
- new and improved chapters, lessons, and quizzes- advanced budgeting, wealth building, and finance tips- bug fixes- privacy fixes

~Andrej Trajkovski
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