Sgnl Plus Messenger - Private Chats  Group Calls
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Sgnl Plus Messenger - Private Chats Group Calls
Sgnl Plus Messenger - Private Chats  Group Calls

Sgnl Plus Messenger - Private Chats Group Calls

Signal Messenger with more advanced options Private Video Audio Calls

Developer: sshm
App Size: 42M
Release Date: Jun 1, 2021
Price: Free
93 Ratings
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Signal Messenging App is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends and family forked from OpenWhisperSystems with more advanced options such as

The ability to see view-once messages more than once, block unknown numbers from texting or calling you, more conversation colors and many more features to come

★ Signal messaging app uses your phone's data connection (WiFi/2G/3G/4G) to communicate securely using an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time.

★ Using Sgnl Plus, you can securely and privately send / receive Texts, Images, Audio, Video and voice notes along with Contacts, Locations and more to come. You can register using your existing phone number and address book that is NOT uploaded to the server.

★ Make privacy stick: Stickers are now available in our Signal messaging app! You can send stickers in any conversation, add them to pictures using the image editor, and create your own custom sticker packs using the Signal Private Messenger Desktop application.

★ Signal Messenger is Free and Open Source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code and check its peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols.

★ A Fast chat app. The Signal Messenger is designed to operate in the most constrained environment possible. Using Signal Messenger, messages are instantly delivered to friends.

★ Speak Freely - Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges on Signal.

★ Whisper in the shadows – Switch to the dark theme if you refuse to see the light and (for OLED users) save battery by doing so. With Signal Messenger, this is possible

We are always adding onto the features separate from the Signal messaging app and strive to make the app better.

For support, questions, issues, or more information, please email us:
[email protected]
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Price: Free
Version: 1.4.4
Size: 42M
Release Date: Jun 1, 2021
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: sshm
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