Family Locator - GPS Tracker  Find My Family
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Family Locator - GPS Tracker Find My Family
Family Locator - GPS Tracker  Find My Family

Family Locator - GPS Tracker Find My Family

Utilice el cifrado de extremo a extremo para localizar a su familia y crear conexiones más sólidas.

Developer: InnovaLife
App Size: 21M
Release Date: 27 nov 2020
Price: Free
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Family Locator - Locate your family and friends and find out whether they are safe❤️
We use end-to-end encryption for security protection, your personal information privacy is of great importance to us, so we use the most secure technology to help you and your family members locate each other privately and securely.
Family Locator is designed for family safety and can accurately locate family and friends and protect their safety. Even if they are thousands of miles away, you can still grasp their safety status. In addition, this app is very easy to use, you can easily get started and form groups with your loved ones.
Family Locator has more functions than a simple GPS tracker, which is easier to use and more adaptable to modern life.

Family Locator provides these features:
- ?️Real-time locations. Family Locator provides the real-time locations of your family and friends, which is accurate and responsive.
- ?Great privacy security. Only people in the same group can see each other’s location information.
- ?️Two map modes. You can see the real map and traffic map, which is convenient to quickly understand the situation of your family.
- ?Personalized functions. You can set the positioning time period by yourself, and you can choose whether to turn on the sharing positioning function in low battery mode.
- ?Easy to form a group. You can create a group by yourself or join a group of other family members or friends. You only need to enter the corresponding password or scan the QR code.
- ?Get the battery status. Through Family Locator, you can get the real-time mobile phone battery status of your family and friends, and you will no longer worry about the loss of connection caused by the automatic phone shutdown when the power is out.
- ?Keep in touch. People in the same group will show their avatars on the map so that they can know their location and distance. It can be used to organize an entire team when traveling together, on business trips or family gatherings.

You can use Famliy Locator to find your children, family, friends, lovers. Through GPS positioning, you can clearly get their locations on the map. 
Family locator can help you get closer to your family. Parents can better grasp the safety status of their children and eliminate any safety hazards. And when your friend is in another city, you can still get his/her location through Family Locator, and can better lend a helping hand when encountering unexpected risks.
In order for our application to run normally and accurately, we need some permissions, and your information will be safely protected.
Choose Family Locator to be your family assistant and build stronger connections with your loved ones?
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0.6
Size: 21M
Release Date: 27 nov 2020
Content Rating: Para todos
Developer: InnovaLife
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