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Odds Analysis

Analyze future matches using the odds of past matches.

Developer: Codcy Tools
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Release Date: Jul 26, 2021
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Analysis Machine is a comprehensive odds analysis program. It allows you to analyze the upcoming matches with the various tools in it, using the past matches, together with the match repository updated every day.

It has a daily updated warehouse with the "Match Repository" feature. This repository contains all the matches played in the last 1 month for users who install the app for the first time. Unless the app is deleted from the device, the previous day's matches continue to be added to the repository every day and the repository expands.

It is possible to analyze all the matches in your warehouse one by one by using the "Repository - Past Matches" field. This tool is search supported and you can search and find the match you want from the repository.

Thanks to the Bulletin Analysis feature, you can reach the daily, weekly or previous day's bulletin and select the matches in these bulletins and make special analyzes on the odds of these matches thanks to the "Scan Tool".

This tool has filtering features such as "Last 1 Week, Last 1 Month, Last 6 Months". It allows you to perform precise scans with the "Ratio Selection" feature. How to use these tools is explained in detail in the application.

With the "Weekly Bulletin" feature in the Analysis Machine, it is possible to examine the match rates of the next days whose rates are announced.

By using the Scan Tool, you can also analyze the previous day's matches and see how much the percentage rates given by the application have come.

The "Filter Analysis" feature allows you to create certain filters, find the matches in your warehouse that are suitable for the filter you created, make detailed tabulations, and see the percentage of the results that come predominantly in these matches.

The Filter Analysis tool has League Selection and Date Range determination features. Analysis Machine is a fully equipped odds analysis program with many odds options (MR, DC, Bts Y/N and more.).

If you encounter highly remarkable ratios in the results on the table, you can save these filters and analyze them later on the table.

With the Find Match feature of the Analysis Machine analysis program, you can find out whether there are matches that match the filters you have created by scanning through the weekly bulletin.

You can take advantage of the new tools we will develop from the Additional Tools page, or you can request special tools with the features you want. These vehicles will be examined by our team and if found appropriate, they will be implemented as soon as possible.

It is literally a odds analysis software. It analyzes the upcoming matches by using the most recent current matches played in the past.

The Analysis Machine does not guarantee that the analyzes it performs will be 100% accurate and does not take any responsibility in this regard. This program is an auxiliary program that provides support to you.
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Odds Analysis 2.5.3 2023-11-14
2023-11-14 Version History
- General improvements
- Bug fixes
- Minor improvements in Performance and Design.

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Price: Free
Version: 2.5.3
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Jul 26, 2021
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Codcy Tools
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