Tactical Three Kingdoms 3 Kingdoms -T3K Strategy
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Tactical Three Kingdoms 3 Kingdoms -T3K Strategy
Tactical Three Kingdoms 3 Kingdoms -T3K Strategy

Tactical Three Kingdoms 3 Kingdoms -T3K Strategy


Developer: Newland Canada
App Size: 46M
Release Date: Apr 1, 2020
Price: Free
668 Ratings
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Tactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) - Strategy & War is a Three-Kingdoms themed tactical strategy game with a unique style, It will bring you back to the Three Kingdoms period. You will need to recruit various famous generals and apply your strategy to make your own history.


Since the uprising of the Yellow Scarves, civilians across the country have been suffering from constant warfare.Heroes are emerging from across the continent, and you are the only savior to end the chaos…

Join Tactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) - Strategy & War now and relive the heroic yet chaotic age!

This is a battlefield of both strength and intelligence.In this game, you can relive famous Three Kingdoms battles and recruit powerful heroes to form a team. Fight alongside your favorite generals to face off against different enemies.


- Novel artwork without rival
This tactical chess game is easy to play and even easier to learn! You don't need godlike reflexes or difficult techniques. You can excel at this game just with a tap of a finger!

- Deploy strategies with the tap of a finger
You can play this tactical strategy game with just one hand! You don't need godlike reactions or difficult techniques to master it, all you need is your finger.

- Use tactics and deploy your army accordingly
Don't underestimate simple operations. Each move requires planning, and each decision you make might alter the result. Big brains are behind the simple plays!

- Diverse game mechanisms allow you to make various plans
Your familiar heroes now have distinctive styles! Tactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) - Strategy & War uses special art designs to give each hero a unique image, creating the most lasting impression!

- Develop and train your heroes
Develop your favorite heroes' levels, skills, and stats. Customize skill combinations to form the most powerful lineup. New victories await!


SPECIAL STORYLINE: Our tailor-made storyline has a hint of humor. We bring you an all new three kingdoms experience!
QUEST SYSTEM: Complete different quests to claim rich resources and prizes!
ORGANIZED HUNTING: Experience ancient hunting activities. Collect resources to upgrade your heroes!
REAL-TIME BATTLE: Face off against other players across the globe in real-time. Let’s see who has the better game sense, and who can come up with the most ingenious plans!
ARENA BATTLES: Choose your favorite heroes to form a powerful squad. Face off against other players!
ELITE BATTLES: Challenge strong enemies, plan meticulous tactics, and save the world by yourself!
ENDLESS WARFARE: Gather your squad, make plans accordingly, and survive infinite waves of enemies!

Tactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) - Strategy & War is a free-to-play game. You do have the option to perform in-game purchases. This game requires a network connection.


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For more information and updates on the game, please follow us on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacticalthreekingdoms , Join our Facebook and share our events to win Jade Dragons.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BDdcGdg , Join our discord server and enter your player ID under the #newbies_free_jade channel, and you can win 50 Jade Dragons.

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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.7
Size: 46M
Release Date: Apr 1, 2020
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: Newland Canada
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