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Mail Merge Toolkit
Mail Merge Toolkit

Mail Merge Toolkit

Geliştirici: MAPILab
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Windows (PC)
Expand your mass mailing capabilities and run effective email campaigns in a secure environment with the help of Mail Merge Toolkit - the ultimate email marketing solution for Microsoft Outlook and Word for Microsoft Windows.

This powerful and flexible Add-in offers a range of additional features to the out-of-the-box mail merge, including personalized subject lines, custom attachments, individual PDF and DOCX files, password protection, and more. You can send to multiple recipients, use CC and BCC fields, switch between different Outlook accounts, and schedule email campaigns with ease. Plus, with privacy-first features and no watermarks, you can rest assured that your sensitive customer data is safe.

Use features added by the Add-in to standard out-of-the-box mail merge in Microsoft Office to:
• Personalize your bulk mails with individual subject lines.
• Send different and personal attachments for each recipient.
• Create and attach individual PDF and DOCX files: invoices, certificates, pay slips, etc. without watermarks
• Send password-protected PDF and DOCX files.
• Use CC and BCC fields to send messages to multiple recipients.
• Switch between different Outlook accounts.
• Support Send As and Send on Behalf Of permissions when Microsoft 365 or Exchange mailbox is used.
• Schedule email campaigns and manage sending limits.
• Privacy first! Sensitive and valuable customer data isn`t shared with any third-party servers.

How to use it:
1. Install the app from Microsoft Store.
2. Open Microsoft Word or Publisher for Windows.
3. Create or open a document.
4. Go to the Mailings ribbon tab.
5. Create your message template.
6. Find Mail Merge Toolkit options on the ribbon to set up and start an email campaign.

Note that elevated permissions are only required for installing the software, not for using it later.
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Fiyat: Free
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