Kenpo Kards - Full Version
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Kenpo Kards - Full Version
Kenpo Kards - Full Version

Kenpo Kards - Full Version

Uygulama Boyutu: Cihaza Göre Değişir
Fiyat: $20.00
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Windows (PC)
The full version of the revolutionary Kenpo Kards app is now available for Android!

This app has the ability to sort, study, and browse the Kenpo Kards in numerous ways. It even has the ability to call out the list of sorted Kards, so that you and (a) partner(s) can practice along as the list is played for you.

Here is a list of some of the things you can do:

* study all kards individually
* find and study a specific kard
* pick from a list of kards to study
* sort the kards based upon multiple features / aspects of a technique
* choose only the kards you practice
(old vs new yellow belt techs)

The sorting feature allows filtering by:
* type of attack
* opponent / defender positioning
* web of knowledge
* direction of attack (12:00 - 6:00 - etc...)
* weapons
* techniques from forms
* and many more

The sorting feature also includes the ability to:
* play the list of sorted kards (as playlist)
* randomize a list of sorted kards

This product is a must for any American Kenpo practitioner.

Note: This is the full version of the app - meaning the app includes the Kenpo Kards from all three (3) deks - i.e. all the techniques in the American Kenpo system and techniques specific to the forms (in forms 4-6).

Also: There is a tablet optimized version available for the same price. The downside is that the tablet version is much larger in size than this version. But, it contains graphics optimized for larger and/or higher resolution displays. Otherwise, the two apps are exactly the same.

**** If you wish to get the clearest images possible - please download the tablet version - NOT THIS VERSION! ***
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Fiyat: $20.00
Boyut: Cihaza Göre Değişir
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