Infinite Speed
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Infinite Speed
Infinite Speed

Infinite Speed

Geliştirici: Dezgo
Uygulama Boyutu: Cihaza Göre Değişir
Çıkış Tarihi: 2014-07-12
Fiyat: Free
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Cihaza Göre Değişir
Windows Mağazası

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Windows (PC)
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The speed never stops increasing. Avoid all obstacles. How fast will you go ?

4.5/5 AppAdvice - "Infinite Speed is an insanely captivating game. The whole concept of having to worry about so many different directions at once is very mind-bending" (Daniel Celeste)


Tilt the device to move the white square, this is you.

Imagine a game, where the speed is not a constant anymore.
If the speed could slowly increase without limit, and you had to avoid obstacles, how far, or how fast could you go ?

Download this game now to find out !


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Hakkında Daha Fazla Bilgi: Infinite Speed
Fiyat: Free
Boyut: Cihaza Göre Değişir
İçerik Derecesi: PEGI 3
Geliştirici: Dezgo
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