Police Car Chase Smash - Traffic Violation Control
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Police Car Chase Smash - Traffic Violation Control
Police Car Chase Smash - Traffic Violation Control

Police Car Chase Smash - Traffic Violation Control

Разработчик: AppStream Studios
Размер приложения: Зависит от устройства
Дата выпуска: 2015-07-29
Цена: Free
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Зависит от устройства
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Start your cop duty with police car as your transport to chase & smash criminal cars.

Prove yourself as the brave police officer to control crime and chase down criminals. Be the perfect police car driver to chase robbers, criminals and street racers. Have a furious drive on the city streets with chasing, smashing and car stunts. Relive the rivalry between cops and robbers. Street racers and criminals are getting away with crime so fulfill your duty as a trained police cop driver to chase criminals. Are you a transport simulator fan? Do you love driving fast cars and drift around. Time to get crazy with police car chase to smash criminal cars. One of the best real cop simulator game is here.

A standout crime simulator where you will feel the heat of a real cop car driver, hunting thief and thugs to clear the city of crime. Sharp turns, intense racing, criminal chase and fully action packed game. Chase criminals on your police car, smash them and arrest robbers, thief and street racers. Be careful with the heavy traffic on the roads. Don't smash into a citizen’s car. It’s your duty to protect the city premises and arrest criminals. Extreme car driving, racing, drifting and chasing with police car in this cop chase & smash simulator. The real challenging gameplay missions will make you drive with extreme speed on a pursuit against criminals.
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Цена: Free
Размер: Зависит от устройства
Оценка содержания: Для всех возрастов
Разработчик: AppStream Studios
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