LiquidLab logical puzzle game
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LiquidLab logical puzzle game
LiquidLab logical puzzle game

LiquidLab logical puzzle game

Разработчик: KiCH
Размер приложения: Varies With Device
Дата выпуска: 2012-04-24
Цена: Free
6 Оценки
Varies With Device
Магазин Windows

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Windows (ПК)
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The game offers hours of endless fun challenges, including:
✅ 10 different stages (called - Rooms) with some unique game mechanics:
🔥 Measure 🔥 Bubble & Stone 🔥 Divide 🔥 Color Mix 🔥 Black Box 🔥 Rotating Valve 🔥 Color Sort 🔥 Spy Glass 🔥 Scale 🔥 Cocktails
✅ Each stage contains 10 challenging puzzles
✅ Beautiful cartoonish design
✅ Jokers (called - Tricks) - Skip level trick, unlimited undo/redo moves trick and reset level trick
✅ Mental health reminder - reminds you to take a break when playing difficult levels (helps ease anxiety)
... and a lot more

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Not so long time ago...
in a laboratory far, far away...
an experiment went terribly wrong...
and only you, Professor, can save it from disaster.

... the lab is flooded, with some strange liquid.
You will need to go into each room, and solve some challenging puzzles.
Doing so, you will clear out the room, and prevent the flood from spreading.

... on this journey, you will be accompanied by your lab assistant - Toto. He will guide you through the lab, and give you some helpful hints along the way...
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Цена: Free
Размер: Varies With Device
Оценка содержания: Для всех возрастов
Разработчик: KiCH
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