MAGIC CANVAS - A tiny finger can create a world
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MAGIC CANVAS - A tiny finger can create a world
MAGIC CANVAS - A tiny finger can create a world

MAGIC CANVAS - A tiny finger can create a world

Rozmiar aplikacji: Zależy od urządzenia
Cena: Free
15 Oceny
Zależy od urządzenia
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Windows (PC)
Back by popular demand, all themes will be kept half-price.

Magic Canvas is a popular application that is spreading across the world from Japan.
In this application, users play with pictures drawn by popular picture book authors and illustrators.
A variety of pictures have been carefully crafted to be enjoyable for both kids and adults. Experience different locations such as the ocean, forest, and sky, all while nurturing your child.

It's easy to operate, even with the fingertip of a child under 1 years of age.
Magic Canvas expands your child's field of vision, stimulates their curiosity, and allows them to learn about the world, essentially hitting more than two birds with one stone.
We hope you have a wonderful time playing Magic Canvas together with your children.

This application is designed for use on tablet PC, however it can also be used on smartphones.

[How to play]
▼Create your own world▼
1. Pick a theme that you like
2. Press "Play" to enter the theme, then try tapping on different areas
3. Try tapping on pictures that appear
4. A cool effect appears when you trace the screen

[Available themes]
*The "Forest"and "Ocean" themes are free!
Watch animals in the wild
Dive into a vast blue world
Find many places to play
Discover rare creatures
Wander about the night sky

See the unknown in the stars

Check out lively streets

Various other themes will gradually be added!

[Goals for Magic Canvas]
- We value the concept of an application that fosters communication between children and adults. The intention isn't to simply give children a tool to play with.
- We hope it can help to nurture your child's various senses by exposing them to pictures with a real-life feel from a young age.
- We aim for it to be a tool that allows adults to kick-start their child's new discoveries and inquisitive minds.
- We have put consideration into making Magic Canvas as user-friendly as possible by making it feel like you're reading a picture book, even though it's an application.
- We aim for it to allow children who cannot yet speak to reach the ability to communicate with adults.
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Cena: Free
Rozmiar: Zależy od urządzenia
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