Triple Matching 3D
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Triple Matching 3D
Triple Matching 3D

Triple Matching 3D

Deweloper: Triple Matching 3D
Rozmiar aplikacji: Zależy od urządzenia
Data wydania: 2023-10-11
Cena: Free
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Zależy od urządzenia
Sklep Windows

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Windows (PC)
Do you enjoy matching and puzzle games? Come and try this original 3D matching game!
Triple Matching 3D, co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is a creative 3D match-three casual game where you need to find and match identical elements in a 3D space. Players need to utilize their matching skills to form specific combinations of graphical objects. Quick reflexes and accurate judgments will be the key to achieving high scores in the game.

Triple Matching 3D features exquisite 3D graphics and animations that immerse you in a gorgeous and vibrant game world. Coupled with pleasant music and sound effects, you can enjoy not only the gameplay but also a delightful audiovisual experience. The game controls are simple and intuitive, requiring you to tap or swipe the screen to match identical 3D blocks. As the game progresses, the difficulty will gradually increase, with more complex types and shapes of blocks. You'll need to flexibly apply your matching skills, strategies, and observation abilities to complete tasks within the limited time and challenge yourself in terms of speed and reaction.

The game also offers abundant rewards and unlockable content. You can unlock new levels and patterns by completing tasks and achieving high scores. Various power-ups and special blocks are available to help you gain advantages in the game. By continuously challenging yourself, you will gradually become a master of matching blocks!

Embark on the challenge! Test your thinking and memory, search for hidden items, and solve puzzles! Improve your elimination skills and become a match-three master!

🌟 Find three identical 3D elements from a pile of complex objects and eliminate them;
🌟Keep sorting and matching objects until you clear all tiles from the screen
🌟Pay attention to the collecting bar; do not fill it up, or you'll fail the game.
🌟 Complete the goal set at the start of the level and become a master of 3D puzzles games!
🌟Powerful boosters can help you pass the levels much faster.
🌟 Try to find and clear 3D items within a limited time to challenge higher levels and earn more rewards!
🌟 Get gold coins rewards after completing the level challenges, use these gold coins to decorate the house to your liking!

✨Well-designed puzzle levels with unique 3D elements;
✨Simple and easy to play gameplay;
✨More than 1,000 high-quality cute 3D items;
✨ Keep moving forward on the road to find the master of 3D elements, unlock new items one after another, and challenge your limits;
✨Super boosters and prop tips to help you pass difficult levels;
✨Well-designed puzzle levels, unique 3D elements.
✨Improves your memory, attention, and concentration trains your brain
✨The best time killer when you want to relax.
✨Suits for all ages. You can play it with kids, friends, parents... anywhere & anytime you like!

Whether you're looking to relax and unwind or pursue challenges and achievements, you can find enjoyment in Triple Matching 3D. Come and challenge your brain, showcase your matching skills, and test your reflexes! Join this exciting 3D matching world now!

Don't hesitate! Try this addictive match-three puzzle game ”Triple Matching 3D”, and push your limits to become a master of element matching and elimination!



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Cena: Free
Rozmiar: Zależy od urządzenia
Ocena treści: PEGI 3
Deweloper: Triple Matching 3D
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