Not Microsoft Notepad
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Not Microsoft Notepad
Not Microsoft Notepad

Not Microsoft Notepad

Deweloper: Duckhead Software
Rozmiar aplikacji: Zależy od urządzenia
Data wydania: 2019-01-28
Cena: 4,49 zł
6 Oceny
Zależy od urządzenia
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Windows (PC) is the modern version of Windows Notepad, with every feature of the original, reviewed, brought up-to-date, and enhanced for Windows 10.

Full support for loading, saving, and converting Windows, Macintosh, and Unix files in ANSI, Unicode, Unicode big endian, and UTF-8; Printing, Zoom levels, Find and Replace; in fact, everything from Notepad, with a few extra bits just because we could, like synchronizing settings between devices, more modern search, and Universal Interface.

We’ve a roadmap of enhancements for years to come, with one mantra that governs them all - “this is a plain text editor”, not a syntax highlighting code editor for project teams. Everything will keep to this mantra, even advanced features like password protection, jump lists, themes, and formatting - just a taste of what we have in store for you.

• Save and Open Windows (CRLF), Macintosh (CR), or Unix (LF)
• Save and Open ANSI, Unicode, Unicode big endian, or UTF-8
• Print
• Unlimited Undo/Redo
• Zoom
• Modern search
• Plain text editor with modern UI
• Multi-window interface
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Cena: 4,49 zł
Rozmiar: Zależy od urządzenia
Ocena treści: PEGI 3
Deweloper: Duckhead Software
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