Mystery Files Hidden Objects Games
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Mystery Files Hidden Objects Games
Mystery Files Hidden Objects Games

Mystery Files Hidden Objects Games

Deweloper: Do Games Limited
Rozmiar aplikacji: Zależy od urządzenia
Data wydania: 2023-12-13
Cena: Free
6 Oceny
Zależy od urządzenia
Sklep Windows

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Windows (PC)
Embark on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of Mystery Files. This is a wonderful collection of adventure and detective games with object search and puzzles. Choose your own adventure! You can complete any quest in one app.

Various story games!
Don't know what to play? There is a game for you in any genre that matches your interests: detective, romance, mystery, etc.
The progress bar will show you which games you have already played.

Detective adventure games!
Enjoy cracking a criminal case, dig through hidden secrets, or find clues - the most important parts of every unsolved criminal case. Dive into the mystery case files, explore both new and old puzzles, and decipher hidden messages to uncover the startling truth in every game in the Mystery Files collection.

A diverse selection of puzzles!
Immerse yourself in a variety of puzzles in one app. Navigate seamlessly from one genre to another, from thrilling detectives to touching novels, so every player can find something to enjoy!

Explore amazing locations!
Travel through mesmerizing worlds and scenic locations while collecting a variety of artifacts, narrative enhancing notes, and charming trinkets. Participate in exciting adventures and strive to add to your exclusive collection of secrets and riddles scattered throughout the game.

Search for hidden objects in a mysterious adventure!
Do you prefer to relax in a detective setting or want to immerse yourself in a suspenseful plot, it's up to you. Whether you want to investigate a murder, a mysterious crime, an adventure into the future or the past with a search for hidden objects, you can choose anything. Select the story that intrigues you and have fun.

Stay tuned for new releases from Domini Games. A constant update of fresh detective adventures and item quests will give you endless exciting challenges!

Download Mystery Files: Hidden Objects - choose any quest you like and play for free! If you are interested in bonus materials or need additional help, you can use the in-game store.

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Choose detective games with investigation. Search for hidden objects and complete the investigation of crimes!
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Cena: Free
Rozmiar: Zależy od urządzenia
Ocena treści: PEGI 12
Deweloper: Do Games Limited
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