OtakuRoom - ACG Album
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OtakuRoom - ACG Album
OtakuRoom - ACG Album

OtakuRoom - ACG Album

Sviluppatore: OtakuRoom - ACG Album
Dimensione dell'App: Varies With Device
Data di rilascio: 2023-08-08
Prezzo: Free
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Varies With Device
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Windows (PC)
🆓Free and Ads-free 🌐️Distributed encryption technology 🔒Protect privacy ㊙️Share anonymously 👮No review
📖Mangas 🎨Galgame albums 🖼️AI images 😍Everything you want

OtakuRoom is a software for creating and sharing albums. It is free and Ads-free. Using distributed encryption technology to protect user privacy, no resource server is required, and resources can be shared anonymously without review.

Home page: 👈

Software Features:
* Album sharing function based on distributed network: decentralized design, no resource server required, and resources are permanently valid!
* Protect user privacy: the server will not save unnecessary user information, and the shared creations and user information will be desensitized and cannot be reverse tracked.
* Encrypt Sensitive data: Whether it is a personal local creations or a creation shared on the network, it is encrypted and cannot be read by third-party software.
* AI face recognition model specially trained for 2D characters.
* AI image upscale technology specially designed for ACG images. Small pictures will not be blurred after upscale.
* Powerful image compression technology: It can identify similar images based on image features, and combine and compress similar images, which greatly improves the image compression rate.
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Prezzo: Free
Dimensione: Varies With Device
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Sviluppatore: OtakuRoom - ACG Album
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