Pet Space Adventure
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Pet Space Adventure
Pet Space Adventure

Pet Space Adventure

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Windows (PC)
Seriously? 6 cute pet astronauts are just called to finish some universal exploration missions, little scientist, you are supposed to come and help them complete the glorious tasks, aren't you?

In this bright Galaxy, vast Milky Way, mysterious and unknown Universe, you must be careful, as the floating junk and meteorites everywhere will crush your ship very easily. Not to mention that it'll be extremely difficult to escape from the black holes. But don't worry, thanks to the reparation station and space farm you can fix your ship or get supplies there. Now maybe you are wondering are there any aliens out there? Definitely yes! You could probably make friends with them or watch their lovely performance. Oh wait, rumor says that there is an evil devil who wants to occupy a beautiful Princess Planet, you won't let that happen, right? Let's create a special weapon and take him down! If you find a sick planet during the exploration, save it please!

There're certainly more amazing things waiting for you. It's time to build your spaceship and blast into the sky!

How to play:
Open the game and choose your partner from 6 adorable pet astronauts. After launching the spaceship, you can control it to jet through the universe freely. When the ship comes to a place, you will enter the mini game or enjoy an animation. If you incautiously enter the Wormhole, watch out to avoid the barriers by tapping the screen. Besides we also have some magical tools for you to cure sick planets. And there are still so many secrets in the unknown outer world, we will leave those to you, you can handle them, right? Now let's soar across the stars and rock!

- 7 fun and amazing animations
- 11 alarmingly exciting mini games
- Travel around the mysterious starry sky
- Explore the immense galaxy
- Learn more knowledge in the vivid simulation

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Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.
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