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Ancient Greek Reference
Ancient Greek Reference

Ancient Greek Reference

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Are you an Ancient Greek student or enthusiast? Then this app is made for you.

With Ancient Greek Reference YOU CAN:

- Keep always at your fingertips a complete compendium featuring over 100 topics

- Learn grammar with a program based on step by step lessons

- Refine and improve your knowledge thanks to an anthology of the best Greek authors (with original texts and parallel translations)




> Over 100 grammar and syntax topics

> Study Dashboard for each topic, featuring difficulty level and reading time (study and review)

> Dozens of synoptic tables, clear examples and valuable insights

> Two tables about inflections featuring over 380 Greek verbs

> Phonetics glossary

> Recaps about prepositions, αν and ως particles, Greek metric, and much more

> Includes a dedicated search engine


> A series of 10 lessons divided into 3 learning levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced

> Learn Ancient Greek grammar from the basics or resume from your own knowledge

> Take advantage of a practical learning plan offered at an excellent quality-price ratio


> A selection of passages by Greek authors, including original Ancient Greek text and parallel English version.

> Get some relevant examples for a proper translation

> Enjoy an overview of Ancient Greece’s cultural and philosophical heritage

> As proof of their importance, these texts have been selected by the Italian Ministry of Public Education on the occasion of final exams of the Liceo Classico


> A proven method to successfully traslate from Ancient Greek

> Online link to Greek Word Study Tool (by Perseus)

> Exclusive dynamic wallpapers with high resolution pictures: Ancient Greek world is pure astonishment

> An universal app for all your devices


Behind the scenes facts about this app:

i) Specifically designed for Ancient Greek studies: Ancient Greek Reference has been originally designed for students attending Italian Liceo Classico, which is the leading secondary school where the study of Ancient Greek is compulsory. About 280.000 Italian students attend Liceo Classico every year.

ii) Exclusive contents: all the contents of this app are original and developed specifically for this app. They are copyright pending and you won’t find them anywhere else on the internet nor in libraries. That’s the only way to obtain a high quality tool optimized for your needs.

iii) #1 in Italy among students attending Liceo Classico and universities: this app became - and still is - the main reference tool for Ancient Greek studies in Italy (where it is named “Greco Antico App”). It has now been rearranged with a new layout and an English translation so that students worldwide are able to enjoy its functionalities.


So, all you have to do now is to download and enjoy your new powerful Ancient Greek learning assistant.
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