Simply Geometry k-2 math
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Simply Geometry k-2 math
Simply Geometry k-2 math

Simply Geometry k-2 math

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Simply geometry will help students from kindergarten to second grade master the geometry
skills required by the common core math standards, to identify and describe shapes, to
analyze, compare and compose shapes, and to reason with shapes and their attributes.

The Full version has eight different mini activities. The lite version has limited activities.

Here is a summary of the games:

1. Lineup.
Match the shape with its name, or a given attribute, for example, the number of
edges, the number of faces, the number of corners

2. Sort.
Find all the shapes that fit a category. Here children are to learn the defining
attributes of a shape. 2d or 3d? number of edges? corners? does size and color matter, or
how about textures and orientations of the shape?

3. Patterns.
Complete a shape pattern, teaches logic and reasoning skills

4. Build
A matrix of different shapes is provided, and also a composed shape, kids have to
put each shape in the right grid, reinforces compose shape concepts

5. Memory
Memory match of names and their shape

6. Name Shuffle
Unscramble the correct spelling of each shape

7. Trace
Reinforce the shape by trace around the shape

8. Bingo
A riddle is provided for each shape, kids have to solve the riddle in order to match the shape.

This app is designed to align with k-2 grade geometry unit of the common core standard, and is optimized for both phones and tablets.

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