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Gift A Poem

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One of the greatest moments in life is when you have to express your heart to your loved ones. Expressing comes with words and it is true that unless the words are not strong and impacting the feeling is not expressed 100% and when the feelings are left unexpressed or expressed in an inappropriate style a gap is created between the hearts making the situation worsen.

Choosing the right colour thread of words, stitching them beautifully to fit the heart of the person and adding the perfume of emotional sincerity and integrity enhance the expression of your feelings of your heart from your loved ones point of view is a challenging task.

Assessing ourselves with this question- is a feeling expressed with simple words and phrases worth expressing the heart? Let us introduce you with a little angel if you are surrounded with the devilish alexithymia (inability to express feelings). Well, we might have forgotten this little fairy of expressing the thoughts of mind long back but still can strongly say that it can bring a great light on the way you express your feelings to your loved one.

Not keeping you guessing long, this angel is no other but a great piece of art “POETRY’. Way back to history, ancient Greek ‘Poieo’ meaning ‘I create’ is an art form in which human language is used for its appealing qualities instead of its speculative and semantic content. It was a compressed form to convey emotion to the listeners mind with the elegant association of words and musical qualities of the language.

Poetry is not a game of every mind and pen. The well associated words should make the simple feeling incredible. In the words of Robert frost,

Poetry is when,
An emotion has found its thought and
The thought has found words.

Here we are, to enhance your feelings and become a medium to let your thoughts be found in our words. We with all dedication become the voice of your unexpressed feelings , to fill the gap between hearts with a concept of uniting hearts with the magical touch of our GAP making words our weapon which directly pierce into the heart of your chosen person with the true meaning of your expression
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