botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022
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botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022
botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022

botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022

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botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022 is a very fun and challenging colorful water puzzle game with huge breakthrough in puzzle games gameplay.��Sort different color liquid in bottle according to liquid color, so each bottle is filled with the same color.

The interface of botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022 game is very simple, and the sorting operation is very easy, but it exercises your logical ability a lot.�� ��As the game progresses, the difficulty of the botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022 will gradually increase. Rich and interesting game levels are waiting for you here to challenge! Enjoy the water games!

SortPuz: Special features of the best color changing water sorting puzzle game:
❤️ One finger control to complete the sorting game
❤️ more than 99 levels
❤️ Exercise your brain by color sorting
❤️ Best free time killer
❤️ Water puzzle to run the memory small but good
❤️ Play science games anytime and anywhere
❤️ Easy game, hard to master my water
❤️ Support phones and tablets for water games

Water Tri Puzzle Gameplay:
��Tap any bottle to pour colored water into another glass. The rule is that only water of the same color and there is enough space on the tube can pour.
�� Try not to get stuck with coloring water and don't worry if you get stuck in color sorting, you can restart water level sorting at any time.
�� You can also choose to add sorting games tricks, add a tube to hold the colored water.
Notes: You must learn the rules of pouring water carefully and use them skillfully to do it well.
Only by mastering the rules of color games, you can quickly set the water bottle combination and make the right color match.

Color water sorting additive game, try to classify the liquid in the bottle. When all the tubes are sorted by the same color, it's a win. Puzzle games are challenging and fun that can exercise your brain!

botlle - water Color sort puzzle 2022 can not only exercise the brain, but also relieve the mood, which is one of the challenging color filling puzzle games.

Show how smart you are!�� �� Sort and succeed!
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Prix : 6,18 €
Taille : Varie selon les appareils
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