Math Games For Kids
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Math Games For Kids
Math Games For Kids

Math Games For Kids

Développeur : XiLaos
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Date de sortie : 12/16/2020
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This Math Games For Kids will suit all children from very small (tasks of counting fruits) to junior school children (learn multiplication table in game form and much more). Let your child learn mathematical skills and improve them!

Math Games For Kids, in which the children will have to solve many interesting mathematical tasks (count, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication) - some kind of children's math test, test your skills in math, the ability to count in your mind and, if necessary, develop this skills. It will help children learn to count and compare, add and subtract, multiply and divide. Everything will pass in an easy game form. Playing our game, your children will receive basic mathematical skills for the school.

Math Master Kids will help you learn count in your mind quickly and without errors, improve your abstract and logical thinking, sharpen your intellect, develop perseverance, raise the level of IQ, improve your analysis and memory abilities .
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Prix : $2.29
Compatibilité : Xbox, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
Taille : 3.51 MB
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Développeur : XiLaos
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