Jigsaw Puzzle Photo
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Jigsaw Puzzle Photo
Jigsaw Puzzle Photo

Jigsaw Puzzle Photo

Développeur : Fausto Succio
Taille de l'application : Varies With Device
Date de sortie : 2021-01-02
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Varies With Device
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Windows (PC)
Every puzzle enthusiast knows that to be able to complete one it takes a lot of time and space (often a dedicated table), almost always you can do one at a time and above all you can only do puzzles with the photos that the manufacturer provides.
Imagine having all the space you want comfortably seated in front of your PC ...
Imagine being able to upload any of your photos or one found on the Web ...
Imagine being able to pause a Puzzle to temporarily start another or want to resume it a long time later when you have time again ...

Then you are imagining Jigsaw Puzzle Photo.

Jigsaw Puzzle Photo allows you to create Puzzles of different sizes by choosing your photograph or any image that can be downloaded from the web.
The Zoom function allows you to better see the pieces to be joined, moreover the piece you are trying to join is highlighted when it is the correct one.
The Save function allows you to suspend the work to be able to resume it later, there is no limit to the number of puzzles saved, each one will be identified with a name that you decide during the creation phase.

There are different sizes of Puzzles:
- 40 Pieces (suitable for children)
- 120 Pieces
- 360 Pieces
- 500 Pieces
- 750 Pieces
- 1000 Pieces
- 1500 Pieces
- 2500 Pieces

All that remains is to sit comfortably in front of the PC, choose a nice photo and ... have fun with Jigsaw Puzzle Photo
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Prix : Gratuit
Taille : Varies With Device
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Développeur : Fausto Succio
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