MiniTools - Essential Tools for Windows
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MiniTools - Essential Tools for Windows
MiniTools - Essential Tools for Windows

MiniTools - Essential Tools for Windows

Développeur : IO Stream Co., Ltd
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Date de sortie : 2024-01-04
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Boutique Windows

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Windows (PC)
Keep PC awake; Schedule automatic shutdown; Create custom keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys; Disable keyboard keys; Add apps to run automatically at startup;
The toolkit brings convenience, increases productivity, and saves time at work.

🌟 Keep PC Awake

Keep your computer awake and keep the screen on for long running tasks.
• Keep the computer awake with a timer or no time limit.
• Configure shutdown, restart the computer, lock the screen, sleep after keeping the computer awake.
• The configuration allows to keep the computer screen on by timer or unlimited.
• Select the software to start automatically when the computer is started.

🌟 Schedule Automatic Shutdown

Best Windows shutdown timer, count down time or set specific time.
• Timer for shutdown, startup, sleep, screen lock.
• Set a specific time or count down time.
• Keep the computer from sleeping.
• Keep the screen on.

🌟 Create Custom Keyboard Hotkeys

Remap keys to other keys and create shortcuts to open a file or run a command.
• Save time with "Create shortcut":
‣ Explore: open Explorer, reveal file, folder in explorer.
‣ Power: Shutdown, sleep, restart, lock screen.
‣ Run command: run command in command prompt.
• Replace key or "fix" your broken key with "Remap key": map keys to other keys (support combination keys).
• Combine common key together: "1" + "2" + "3" or "A" + "B" + "C".

🌟 Disable Keyboard Keys

Disable keys and key combinations to avoid accidental presses affecting work or playing games.
• Disable keyboard keys.
• Disable keyboard keystrokes.
• Quickly disable or re-enable keys.

🌟 Add Apps to Run Automatically at Startup

Set applications to start with Windows.
• Configure applications to start with Windows.
• Actively select applications that do not start with Windows through a direct link to it.
• Configure application startup delay or instant startup after system boot.
• Configuration always starts every time the computer boots or only boots for a period of time.
• Add arguments to applications at startup.
• Turn off this application when finished starting applications.
• Start the application with 1 button.
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