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Simple Remote Control
Simple Remote Control

Simple Remote Control

Développeur : BitIT s.r.o.
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Date de sortie : 2021-10-25
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Boutique Windows

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Windows (PC)
Control your PC remotely without installing any mobile app!

👉 No mobile app required
👉 Scan QR and go
👉 Media and brightness controls
👉 Touch-friendly remote desktop
👉 Control mouse and keyboard

The app runs as a try icon. Open it, scan a QR code with your phone, and that's it! The remote controls load simply as a web page in your mobile browser. For best experience pin the app to your phone's home screen, so you won't need to scan the code again.

1. Click on the tray icon to display the main window
2. Scan the QR code with your phone or tablet or type in the URL
3. Add the web page to your home screen to use it as an app

The application consists of just one component. It is an desktop tray-icon app, which runs in the background and has a tiny footprint. It is designed to use minimum system resources. The app works as simple web server so that by connecting to it on the specific port it serves the mobile web page for controlling the PC. For ease of use the app doesn't use encrypted connection, thus it is strongly recommended to use it only on TRUSTED PRIVATE NETWORKS (e.g. at home).

Additional Features
Multi-user support - the app can work even when installed by multiple users on the same PC (it automatically activates and deactivates depending on who is logged in). WARNING: When the same access is shared with multiple users they may be able to see each other's desktop via Remote Desktop feature. For that reason the PC app displays a notification each time the Remote Desktop session is started. User management feature may be added in the future versions.
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Développeur : BitIT s.r.o.
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