Cosmic Mine Sweeper
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Cosmic Mine Sweeper
Cosmic Mine Sweeper

Cosmic Mine Sweeper

Développeur : Mystic Mechanics
Taille de l'application : Varie selon les appareils
Date de sortie : 2023-11-14
Prix : $9.99
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Windows (PC)
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Embark on an interstellar logic adventure with "Cosmic Minesweeper," the classic puzzle game reimagined for the modern space enthusiast. Now available on the Microsoft Store for PC and Xbox, this game combines the cerebral challenge of Minesweeper with the grandeur of the cosmos, bringing a stellar twist to the iconic gameplay.

- Celestial Beauty: Dive into the cosmos with "Cosmic Minesweeper," where you can swap the traditional Minesweeper backdrop for a selection of breathtaking cosmic backgrounds. From the tranquil beauty of distant nebulas to the vibrant dance of star clusters, customize your gameplay with scenes from the farthest reaches of space.

- Adaptive Challenges: Catering to players of all skill levels, "Cosmic Minesweeper" offers three set difficulty levels:
- *Beginner*: A 9x9 grid with 10 mines, perfect for those just starting their space voyage.
- *Intermediate*: A 16x16 grid with 40 mines for the adept explorer ready to chart a course through more treacherous skies.
- *Expert*: A challenging 16x30 grid with 99 mines for the seasoned cosmic sapper.

- Customizable Fields: Take control of your mission by customizing the playfield. With the ability to adjust the height (1-24), width (1-35), and number of mines (up to height x width - 1), you can create a unique constellation of challenges.

- Safe Exploration: Every journey through the minefield starts with a safe step. The first click in "Cosmic Minesweeper" is always mine-free, ensuring a fair launchpad for your puzzle-solving spacewalk.

- One Immersive Soundtrack: Enhance your gameplay with an exclusive soundtrack designed to immerse you in the cosmic setting. The soundscape will resonate with the deep echoes of the universe as you navigate through the mine-laden galaxies.

Cosmic Minesweeper is not just a game; it's a celebration of the enigmatic beauty of the universe, combined with a brain-teasing puzzle that has stood the test of time. With no leaderboards or achievements to distract you, it’s pure strategy and satisfaction as you clear each sector of the cosmos.

So, space enthusiasts and logic warriors, prepare for liftoff. "Cosmic Minesweeper" is your ticket to an astronomical journey filled with challenge, beauty, and the joy of exploration. Set your sights on the stars and let your mind voyage through the serene yet stimulating expanse of space. Your cosmic adventure awaits on the Microsoft Store. Safe travels, and may the stars align in your favor.
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Prix : $9.99
Taille : Varie selon les appareils
Classement du contenu : EVERYONE
Développeur : Mystic Mechanics
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