Seek a way out
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Seek a way out
Seek a way out

Seek a way out

Développeur : Petr Hudeček
Taille de l'application : Varies With Device
Date de sortie : 2020-07-24
Prix : Gratuit
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Varies With Device
Boutique Windows

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Windows (PC)
"Seek a way out!" is an escape-the-room game where you play Tišík, a clever but inexperienced child on a Scouting trip to the mysterious Hut of Terror. Together with other children, zou must solve puzzles and observe your surroundings to find your way out of rooms.

Can you find the way out?

- You control everything by tapping the screen.
- Tapping anywhere during a dialogue skips to the next line.
- In the room search phase, tapping an item examines it.
- If an inventory is available at the top left of the screen, tap the item in your inventory then tap an item in the room to use it.
- Hold your finger over the fast forwarding symbol in the top right to speed through dialogue.

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Prix : Gratuit
Taille : Varies With Device
Classement du contenu : PEGI 7
Développeur : Petr Hudeček
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