Recording Vocals Course For Pro Tools By AV
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Recording Vocals Course For Pro Tools By AV
Recording Vocals Course For Pro Tools By AV

Recording Vocals Course For Pro Tools By AV

Développeur : AskVideo
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In most genres of music, the vocal is the most important element of the mix... and it's also one of the most difficult element to record right! Thankfully, recording engineer Joshua Carney is here with this comprehensive course to show you exactly how to record, edit and mix pro-sounding vocals with Pro Tools.

First, Joshua explains the importance of choosing the right microphone to best capture the performer's unique voice. You get a thorough presentation of different microphones, you learn how to take care of plosives and sibilance, and you discover different microphone placement techniques.

Full of live recording examples (from soft and bluesy female vocals to more aggressive rock male vocals) the course will show you how to record and edit perfect takes every time. There’s a whole section on processing where you learn about EQs, compressors, deessers… You also learn how to tune vocals and create harmonies with Melodyne and Auto-Tune, how to process the vocals on input, how to work with big group vocals, and more!

If you’ve always wondered how to best capture great sounding vocal performances with Pro Tools, you need to watch this comprehensive course. Join audio engineer Joshua Carney now, and see how it’s done!
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Prix : $9.99
Compatibilité : Xbox, Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher
Taille : 1.31 GB
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Développeur : AskVideo
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