Learn TypeScript
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Learn TypeScript
Learn TypeScript

Learn TypeScript

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######## Learn TypeScript ########

This app contains tutorials and reports for the all who want to Learn TypeScript.
They can learn easily from this application.

Following Chapters included in this Application:

Chapter 1: Getting started with TypeScript
Chapter 2: Why and when to use TypeScript
Chapter 3: TypeScript Core Types
Chapter 4: Arrays
Chapter 5: Enums
Chapter 6: Functions
Chapter 7: Classes
Chapter 8: Class Decorator
Chapter 9: Interfaces
Chapter 10: Generics
Chapter 11: Strict null checks
Chapter 12: User-defined Type Guards
Chapter 13: TypeScript basic examples
Chapter 14: Importing external libraries
Chapter 15: Modules - exporting and importing
Chapter 16: Publish TypeScript definition files
Chapter 17: Using TypeScript with webpack
Chapter 18: Mixins
Chapter 19: How to use a JavaScript library without a type definition file
Chapter 20: TypeScript installing typescript and running the typescript compiler tsc
Chapter 21: Configure typescript project to compile all files in typescript.
Chapter 22: Integrating with Build Tools
Chapter 23: Using TypeScript with RequireJS
Chapter 24: TypeScript with AngularJS
Chapter 25: TypeScript with SystemJS
Chapter 26: Using TypeScript with React (JS and native)
Chapter 27: TSLint - assuring code quality and consistency
Chapter 28: tsconfig.json
Chapter 29: Debugging
Chapter 30: Unit Testing
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