Jungle Dinosaur Hunting 3D
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Jungle Dinosaur Hunting 3D
Jungle Dinosaur Hunting 3D

Jungle Dinosaur Hunting 3D

Développeur : Next Generation Games
Taille de l'application : 224.26 MB
Date de sortie : 12/12/2017
Prix : Free
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224.26 MB
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Welcome to the Jungle Dinosaur Hunting Game. Prepare yourself for dinosaur hunting. Be the best dino hunter in the big safari jungle. You are the only survivor in the carnivores Jurassic . Pick up your Sniper, and shoot down all deadly shore, carnivores, velociraptor, spinosaurus, & TREX. This is unique, free and full of Action FPS hunting game. Shoot your target like a Pro sniper shooter, if you miss it, then keep yourself from fatal dino attack.

Explore your wilderness in the Jurassic era and take a look at wild animals, Dino hunter! Hunt & kill different Godzilla monsters beast that are extremely aggressive. This is an action packed dinosaur hunting adventure, plays and explores the beautiful and eye catching safari jungle environment. Feel real time action FPS deadly shore shooting experience in this alone survival games. Get ready for the most extreme carnivores predatory hunting simulator 2018 on Play Store, with stunning HD & 3D graphics, realistic physics, and addictive game-play. Unleash the hunter in you, and Survive, Hunt & kill the deadliest velociraptor, spinosaurus, & TREX. The modern Ultimate sniper shooter is here to rule in the wild forest. A new free adventurous challenge of Godzilla hunt & wild animals shooting experience in beautiful safari jungle. We heard you are the best dino hunter, yes we know you can do it, become a Jurassic beast deadly shore shooter FPS and survive yourself in game.

I think you are getting bored from ordinary hunting games or that type of survival games like Carnivores, velociraptor, spinosaurus, TREX, hunter available on Google play, Try this Jungle Sniper Dinosaur Hunting Adventure 3d 2017 and you will love it. Winter is coming, hunting season is almost there. This dino hunter Action simulator game 2018 is a new kind of fun and adventure game. This is a journey towards the Jurassic , where the deadly shores TREX, carnivores, and Godzilla is waiting for his prey. Try not to be his prey, it’s a game of survival hunt or be hunted. Try to kill all the frightful Jurassic beast animals in time and show to the world your best sniper shooter & survival skills. You are the only one in the Jurassic , the fatal frightful sniper gun is in your hand, and you are on the free adventurous hunt and daring challenging tasks.
This Wild Dinosaurs Hunting game makes to discern you a variety of Dino families like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Velociraptor , Parasaurolophus ,and Ankylosaurus. Try to wipe out these Dinosaurs and enjoy to kill them on their bodies and head shoots. The prey of these dino’s hunter is a pretty challenge as the Wild Dino’s animals discover the sound of a sniper shooting. . Merely snipe these beasts and ready yourself to shoot it and make a chance to unlock another level. Approve yourself as the transcend hunter in the world of Dinosaur hunting.

The gameplay of this FPS dinosaur hunting game is vastly characterized, and you will enjoy the war against the deadly shore Godzilla beast and a dino hunter. It’s a wonderful action game with a lot of frightful, thrilling and animal attack adventurous missions. Here, you have a time limit, Try to complete the objectives before time runs out, If you fail to kill or hunt the TREX animals in time, you will lose, survival in the mountains is your mission. Feel real time sniper hunting experience by playing Jungle Sniper Dinosaur Hunting Adventure 3d 2018.

Be Careful! Hunt the beast Deadly, carnivores, velociraptor, spinosaurus, TREX and Godzilla, has never been easy. It needs spectacular and daring FPS shooting skills. You must be skilled legendary sniper shooter to avoid & survive yourself from any danger when you shoot these wild creatures and keep yourself from dino attack survival. 20 Challenging levels are offered for you to enjoy, and more levels are also coming stay tuned.

Game Features:

• Amazing HD and stunning console Graphics
• Fantastic 3D Jungle environment
• Smooth and Realistic control
• Lots of FPS shooting missions for realistic Hunting
• Awesome Visuals and sound Effects
• Different sniper guns to choose from
How to Play:

- Use the joystick to move around the game
- Press Shoot button for shooting
- Tap the zoom button to zoom in
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Prix : Free
Compatibilité : Xbox, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
Taille : 224.26 MB
Classement du contenu : TEEN
Développeur : Next Generation Games
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