Islamic Tools-Salat time Alarm
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Islamic Tools-Salat time Alarm
Islamic Tools-Salat time Alarm

Islamic Tools-Salat time Alarm

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Islamic Tools-Salat time Alarm is one of the best, accurate and smart tool on the market for our Muslim gives great help
in daily routine of our Muslim brothers like namaz timings,Islamic months calender, Hijri calender and one of the interesting feature qibla compass.
These are very Important Tools for every Muslim.It contains the following great features which make it unique on the market.
It contains Qibla compass:
Qibla Compass is a tool for finding Qibla it will find accurate Qibla direction from anywhere on the globe, distance and direction to Kaaba in Mecca(Saudi Arabia),very simple and bugs free application on your android mobile.
it supports both manual and GPS search for Qibla,which make it more interactive and unique on the market.
A beautiful pointer ( pointed by the arrow) always points to the kaaba direction in mecca.
This is the most beautiful smart compass app in market which shows the mecca direction with excellent accuracy.
This application shows Qibla direction based on current location on a beautiful background and dial.

All the graphics are designed in such away that it is representing the Islamic art.
It include settings in menu options for searching category.

It contains Islamic Hijri Calender:
Islamic Calendar is Hijri calendar, one of the Best calendars among hundreds in the market. Islamic calendar is a best utility and smart tool used by billions of Muslim all around the world. This calendar show Islamic days and months. It also show Gregorian months too. Contain two widgets one small and other large. Now its easy to have knowledge about Islamic month too.
Islamic Calendar Widget - Lets you view the current Hijri calendar date, month, year and the current Gregorian date, month, year on the home screen of your Android device!
It contains Salat-Namaz Timings:
Salat and Namaz Timing will help you maintain your Salat Timings all over world accurately. it is a daily adhan alarm app. Salat prayer timings is one of the most accurate salat timing app of the market for Muslims or the followers of Islam. Salat Timings app will help you organize your prayers. It will automatically play azan or adhan at the time of namaz, Salaat or prayer. Its is a very complete app.The app will give you the accurate Fajar, Dhuhur, Asr, Maghrib & Isha Namaz / Salaat Timings of your city with detail Salaat Schedule & Timetable. The app has two method of calculation Hanafi and Shafi'i, you have to set the season also to winter or summer before the use. Use GPS , Internet or manually set the location. Set you device silent mood duration and Our app will silent your device during pray time and will automatically set it profile to default afterwards.
Language Support by our app are Arabic, English, French and soon we will add more in it.
Needs your support by just your rates and comments, so that we improve our applications.
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Precio: Free
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