Math Classroom Challenge
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Math Classroom Challenge
Math Classroom Challenge

Math Classroom Challenge

Developer: TSDCompany
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Release Date: 2018-12-14
Price: $2.49
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Math Classroom Challenge 4.40 is here! New 60% price reduction! Recompiled for better Performance! Interactive tutorial added. Now math operations are created in horizontal format by default. Vertical format is available as an option always. Some optimizations and issued solved.

Math Classroom Challenge is an educational game in first person view, now with a third drone view too, with the mission of solving the different random mathematical exercises proposed. To do this, you have at your disposal a water hose and a magic wand, with which you must water the numbers, or throw magic energy, at the appropriate solutions. All this in a safe environment to learn mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. It's also the kids version of Math Combat Challenge.

Math Classroom Challenge is designed for children over the age of four until ninety. In the game the player can do several activities: learn the numbers that fly, learn how to throw the water, solve the static panels looking for the corresponding numbers, and solve the dynamic panels that appear suddenly with three solutions. Always throwing the water from the hose or magic with the wand to the correct solution.

In the game the player never loses. There is simply a parameterizable timer, and you can choose the type and complexity of mathematical operations, from sums to equations. The errors of the dynamic panels are counted, but they can be reduced if the flying dragons get wet. Although caution, sometimes this can give opposite results if used too much.

Version 4.20 includes a drone that can be controlled in third and first views. Also an area where you'll life in a day/night cycle and will be a challenge to find the numbers at night.

Math Classroom Challenge is a game for the whole family, which aims to make young people come into contact with mathematics in a fun and entertaining way.
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Price: $2.49
Size: Varies With Device
Content Rating: EVERYONE
Developer: TSDCompany
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