Screen Smasher
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Screen Smasher
Screen Smasher

Screen Smasher

المطور: xiex software
حجم التطبيق: يختلف مع الجهاز
تاريخ الإصدار: 2012-10-22
السعر: مجاني
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Sometimes you so tired from computer and you want to smash it into pieces? Now you can easily do it without damaging your device! Or may be you just want to make fun of your friends? Then Screen Smasher is only what you need!

With Screen Smasher you can:

✓ Make fun of your friends or family
✓ Steady nerves (smashing screen - it's almost like popping bubbles in bubble wrap :) )
✓ And the most important - have fun!

How to use?! Everything is babysimple:

✓ Tap or Click to Smash your screen (if your device has a touchscreen, you can use multi-touch to make several damages at once)!
✓ Hold or press Escape to finish.
✓ Do Zoom gesture or press Space to clear screen.
✓ Turn On or Off sounds on the main screen.

And if you know what to change or add to make Screen Smasher better, just let us know!

Use and enjoy!
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السعر: مجاني
الحجم: يختلف مع الجهاز
تقييم المحتوى: 7+
المطور: xiex software
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