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QiGong on the iPad for everybody!

This app provides you with the opportunity to use the energizing, cleaning and healing exercises of the Xiang Gong as a real time practicing instruction any time no matter where you are. You only have to decide for the intensity of the different parts of the exercises. The app will take care of everything else for you. If you like, you can also choose some meditative music to come along with the exercises.

Practice instantly and everywhere:
• requires no sports wear. (also possible in business clothes.)
• No changing shower etc necessary (a little to no sweating)
• No particular surrounding (no matter if inside or outside)
• No atmosphere for meditation (also in noisy surrounding).
• No previous knowledge required.

This series of exercises (Origin in the Tang dynasty 618 - 906 AD) originally is called
„Xiang Gong“– literally: “fragrant exercises”: In this context it means freely directed energy flow. But also as a Buddhist metaphor for „emptiness“ fragrant QiGong within the Zen meaning gets the spirit to rest. This set consists of fifteen Buddhist wisdom and awareness exercises which lead to inner peace and calmness when practiced regularly. It was found out, that due to the positive effect on the metabolism also the body odour starts to change

Energetic benefits of these exercises
• The energy system of the body is put in positive swinging motion.
• It can detoxicate, eliminate and clean itself
• Qi congestions and body blockages can thus resolve
• Unbalance in the energetic structure are balanced
• opens and cleans especially the cardiopulmonary system
• Positive effect on the whole nerve system, skin, bones, brain and sense organs as well as joints.

Fragrant QiGong can also be helpful for the following troubles:
• Asthma
• High blood pressure
• Chronic headache
• Troubles in the thoracic vertebra and cervical vertebra
• Pain due to tension in neck and shoulder area
• Fragrant Qi Gong I is also successfully used by Chinese doctors against allergic coryza!

This app provides
• Information and background knowledge about the fragrant QiGong systems and their effects
• An illustrated step by step training instruction
• Real time exercise videos where you can define the duration of the exercises according to your individual needs. Thus you can practice a few minutes during your lunch break, or practice a little longer in the morning or evening.

Note: Fragrant QiGong is exclusively used for prevention , however due to its energetic effect it might also support healing processes.
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Price: 199.000đ
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Release Date: 2011-03-16
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