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Developer: dictate2us Ltd
App Size: 18.46 MB
Release Date: 2022-10-29
Price: Free
18.46 MB
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It's never been easier to record phone calls than with Best Call Recorder Pro. With Best Call Recorder Pro you will remember every detail of your call.

Whether it is an incoming or outgoing call, Best Call Recorder Pro provides a secure unlimited real-time call recording service with the ability to share the recorded calls when required.

Whether it's a business call, important legal issue, or a job interview, all calls are recorded and saved for your future use when you use Best Call Recorder Pro.

Make crystal clear recordings that are automatically saved as soon as the call ends, transcribe them with 99.9% accuracy, and easily download and share these recordings.

You can count on Best Call Recorder Pro to record your calls as we offer excellent customer service! We have an in-house development team that care about the customers they serve, in addition to us adding new and useful features in each Best Call Record Pro app update.

Watch our one-minute tutorial (accessible within the app).

How does Best Call Recorder Pro work?

Best Call Recorder Pro essentially creates a conference call between you, your contact, and our recording service. It’s as easy as opening the app and pressing the record button, and the recording process starts. As soon as you hear the beep, the recording has begun and then every word is captured. Recordings are then saved on your iPhone, and can be played back at any time.

Best Call Recorder Pro is simple and easy to use!

For Incoming calls, you:
1. Accept the call
2. Open the Best Call Recorder Pro app and press the red button (may take a few seconds)
3. Click Merge calls
4. The conversation is now being recorded.
5. Once the call finishes, the recording will show in the recording list.

Outgoing calls:
1. Open Best Call Recorder Pro app and press the red button (the app will dial our system)
2. Click on the “+ Add Call” button
3. Select the contact you want to call, or dial the required telephone number
4. When they answer, click “merge calls”.
5. The conversation is now being recorded.
6. Once the call finishes, the recording will show in the recording list.

Best Call Recorder's Key features:

+ Record incoming and outgoing calls
+ High quality recordings
+ Integrated dictate2us Transcription service within the app
+ Access to recordings immediately after the call ends
+ Both national and international call support
+ Accessible, user-friendly interface
+ Recordings can be shared on Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and more
+ Recordings can be labelled individually, making them easy to find and stored in categories
+ Fast, reliable, secure app and service
+ NO limit on amount or length of recordings
+ NO additional fees
+ NO per minute charges
+ NO SMS verification process


1. Where are my recordings being saved?

On our secure servers in the country in which you register for data protection. You can delete your recordings at any time via the app.

2. Can you share recordings on Best Call Recorder?

Yes, you can share by email, Dropbox and Google Drive to name a few! Simply press the share button next to each recording.

3. Any limit on the recording duration of Best Call Recorder?

No, we do not restrict the duration of your recorded calls. You can make as many calls as you need. We'll record them all!

4. What's the cost of Best Call Recorder?

The Best Call Recorder Pro app has weekly, monthly or yearly subscription options that are presented to you when the app is launched for the first time. Once you choose a subscription option that works for you, it enables unlimited use of all the applications features. The subscription will automatically renew each week, month or year (dependent on which subscription option is chosen).

NOTE: Best Call Record Pro requires your network provider (carrier) to support 3-way calling. SimpleTalk and H2o Wireless DO NOT offer this in the US, and EE and GiffGaff do NOT offer this in the UK.
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◎ Best Call Recorder Pro 3.2 Update
2022-11-13 Version History
We update our app regularly to make your experience even better. Every app update includes improvements for reliability and performance. In addition, we have added: - a new subscription model allowing users to choose from a weekly, monthly or yearly options. - a function so that recorded conversations can now be organised into categories. - a new security feature with FaceID / TouchID built into the app along with a backup passcode for added protection of your recordings. - a new search function to assist in filtering through your recorded phone calls. - support for 7 new languages. Thank you for choosing Best Call Recorder Pro!

~dictate2us Ltd
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Price: Free
Version: 3.2
Compatibility: Requires 13.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.bestphonecallrecorder.CallRecorderIL
Size: 18.46 MB
Release Date: 2022-10-29
Last Update: 2022-11-13
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: dictate2us Ltd
Language: AR - EN - FR - HE - PT - RU - ES -
All Apps & Games Created by: dictate2us Ltd
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