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Alissu Chat with AI
Alissu Chat with AI

Alissu Chat with AI

Alissu - Powered by ChatGPT

App Size: 30.8 MB
Release Date: May 31, 2023
Price: FREE
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30.8 MB
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Discover the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-3.5 AI models powered by OpenAI, all through the user-friendly Alissu app.

Alissu app allows you to access the ChatGPT AI models developed by OpenAI through your mobile device. With Alissu, you can communicate with these models and take advantage of features such as voice-to-text conversion, conversation saving, model customization, and more. It's important to note that Alissu is not Chat GPT, nor does it have any official partnerships with OpenAI. Instead, it utilizes OpenAI's API to provide you with access to the latest AI technologies.

ChatGPT is an AI technology developed by OpenAI. Developing the GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 models, the OpenAI company aims to benefit all humanity with its work. In line with this goal, they developed the Chat GPT chatbot, which shows us the latest developments in artificial intelligence, and made it available to everyone.

Alissu App: Explore the Possibilities with ChatGPT at Your Fingertips
Q&A, Chat, and Content Creation: Chat GPT answers questions based on its vast knowledge base and offers open-ended conversations. It provides study notes on topics you want to learn, generates essay outlines for research topics, creates product names from example words, and turns product descriptions into ad copy.

Summarization, Keywords, and Communication Skills: ChatGPT summarizes text concisely, simplifies complex text for 2nd graders, and extracts keywords from blocks of text. It can also turn meeting notes into summaries and create interview questions.

Code Explanation, Language Translation, and AI Support: ChatGPT explains complicated code, translates between programming languages, and turns text into programmatic commands. It assists with language models and machine learning topics, finds the time complexity of functions, creates SQL queries, and translates natural language to SQL queries. It condenses JavaScript functions into one-liners, finds and fixes bugs in Python code, and explains Python code in human-readable language. It can also write docstrings for Python functions.

Language Correction, Translation, and Data Processing: ChatGPT corrects sentences into standard English and translates English texts into other languages. It also creates analogies and provides factual answers to address knowledge gaps. Additionally, Chat GPT classifies items into categories using examples, generates tables from long-form text, prepares spreadsheets based on various data types, and extracts contact information from text.

Story Creation, Recipes, Reviews, and Creative Ideas: ChatGPT crafts short horror stories, converses with Marv the sarcastic chatbot, and simulates friendly chats. It also changes the first-person perspective to the third-person, creates recipes from ingredient lists, writes restaurant reviews, and generates ideas for fitness and virtual reality games.

Emoji Conversion, Sentiment Analysis, and Data Extraction: ChatGPT converts movie titles into emojis and offers advanced sentiment detection for pieces of text. It can also create lists of items for given topics, such as science fiction books, and perform basic sentiment detection for tweets. Additionally, Chat GPT extracts airport codes from text, turns text descriptions into colors based on mood, and converts natural language into turn-by-turn directions.

The capabilities at your disposal are not limited to these examples. Let your imagination discover the remaining possibilities!

In conclusion, Alissu serves as your gateway to the incredible world of ChatGPT AI models developed by OpenAI. With an array of powerful features and endless possibilities at your fingertips, Alissu enables you to unlock the true potential of AI technology on your mobile device. Experience the cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, enhance your productivity, and explore new creative horizons by downloading the Alissu app today!
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires iOS 12 Or Later
Bundel Id: com.ekmen.aiapp
Size: 30.8 MB
Genre: Productivity
Release Date: May 31, 2023
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Falat Huseyin Ekmen
Language: English -
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