horoscope JIKU 2 for iPhone
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horoscope JIKU 2 for iPhone
horoscope JIKU 2 for iPhone

horoscope JIKU 2 for iPhone

App Size: 111.5 MB
Release Date: Apr 9, 2011
Price: FREE
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111.5 MB
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Inspire your sensitivit.
Anytime and Anywhere.Stylish and Smart.
This is new style of astrology.
This App make a horoscope for the professional astrologist.

■ Interface
(1) 3 designs
a Sign mode: an Astrology image
a Space mode: a Universal image
a Flat mode: a Plain image & for a Printing image (jpg)

(2) An Aspect
23 kind of ASPECT and these relationship

(3) A Class
Sensitive points are classified into 2(Duality),3(Quality),4(Element).

(4) A Sensitive point
Sensitive points are shown at a constellation with the inner angle.

(5) The House System
16 kind of HOUSE are shown at a constellation with the inner angle.
The House System could be chosen the Placidian House,the Koch House,the Campanus House,the Regiomontanus House,the Topocentric House,the Alcabitius House,the Krusinski-Pisa House,the Porphyry House,the Equal House,the Solar House,the WholeSign House,the SolarSign House,the Vehlow Equal House,the Horizon House,the Meridian House, and the Morinus House.

(6) Easy input
'horoscope JIKU 2' has a world city database and a map and a timezone and summertime(daylight saving time).

■ Optional feature
Free 'horoscope JIKU' makes the horoscope of NATAL(a single circle) by 5 sensitive points, the Sun, the Moon, the Mercury, the Venus, and the Mars.

(1)21 sensitive points
A horoscope is drawn 21 sensitive points: 15 sensitive points by planets and asteroids in the solar system and 6 sensitive points by DH, DT, MC, IC, ASC, and DSC.

'horoscope JIKU' started from hope of Rene Van Dale Supernatural Institute and Interbars corp.
'horoscope JIKU' will keep evolving.

Can you visit "horoscope JIKU 2" for iPad?
A horoscope is called Birth Chart,Natal Chart,Astro Chart,Astrological Chart,Wheel Chart,Chart Wheel,Celestial Map,Sky Map,Star Chart,Cosmogram,Vitasphere,Radical Chart,Radix,or simply Chart.
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horoscope JIKU 2 for iPhone 11.1.1 Sep 7, 2023
Sep 7, 2023 Version History
"horoscope JIKU 2" is compatible with the latest iOS, and the screen display is larger and easier to see.

~InterBars Corpration
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Price: FREE
Version: 11.1.1
Compatibility: Requires iOS 13 Or Later
Size: 111.5 MB
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: Apr 9, 2011
Last Update: Sep 7, 2023
Content Rating: 4+
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