My Secret Santas Gift Exchange
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My Secret Santas Gift Exchange
My Secret Santas Gift Exchange

My Secret Santas Gift Exchange

App Size: ٤٧٫٤ م.ب.
Release Date: ٢ أبريل ٢٠٢١
Price: FREE
٤٧٫٤ م.ب.
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It has random draws, re-draws, exclusions between participants, wish list, chat with your invisible friend, you can define an alias and an avatar in each draw or use the one from your profile, you can indicate the date of delivery of gifts as well as general data as maximum amount, delivery time, etc. You can also clone previous draws to avoid having to re-register participants. Both registered and unregistered people such as children or elderly people who do not have email or mobile phone can participate.

Here is the complete list of functionalities.

*** Invisible friends draws
Invisible Friends giveaways are created by selecting participants from the contact list in your contact book.

Giveaways can be visible to all participants (everyone sees the matches that have been generated) or invisible (only you can see who you have to gift).

In the draws you can define:
- The date of the exchange of gifts.
- The name of the draw.
- The image associated with the draw.
- Additional information where to indicate the maximum price of the gifts, the place of delivery, etc.
- Aliases and avatar for each of the participants in the draw.

*** Contact book
As you carry out raffles, the participants are saved in your agenda so that for subsequent raffles you simply have to select them from the agenda. In this way, the preparation of the draws is greatly simplified.

*** Tutors (for children and seniors)
Young children as well as older people who do not have email or mobile phone, will also be able to participate in the invisible friends raffles. When you add them to your agenda, you simply have to say who will be their tutor (facilitating their identification). From there, the tutor can see who the ward should give as a gift and interact with his invisible friend both by chat and through his own wish list.

*** Exclusions between participants
At the time of conducting the raffle we can indicate exclusions between participants, so that it is detailed which pairings cannot occur in the raffle. That is, what people will not have to give to others. You can define as many exclusions as you want, as long as the number of participants allows it.

You can also set automatic exclusions to avoid previous pairings from previous draws. You can choose that the pairings that come out of the draw (who is giving away to whom) are not repeated compared to those that have occurred in the last year, in the last two, three or four years, or forever.

*** Matchmaking query
Once the invisible friends are drawn, the draw is added to your draw list. By clicking on a draw, we access the list of participants with their pairings.

If the draw is invisible, only the list of participants will appear, without revealing the pairings. In this case, a green button will appear below your name with the text DISCOVER MY FRIEND, which when pressed, will indicate the person to whom you have to give a gift.

*** Wish list
Participants in a raffle will be able to register their wish list, with descriptions and images so that their invisible friend can consult it.

In addition, participants will also be able to consult the wish list of the person to whom you have been given a gift.

*** Chat
You can also chat anonymously with your invisible friend or with the person to whom you have had to give. Very useful to ask for example clothing size, shoe size, preferences, etc. The exchange of messages is anonymous, except in visible draws, where all participants see the matches generated.

*** Other options
- Registration with email or phone number.
- Aliases and global avatar; aliases and avatar in each of the draws.
- Change of language.
- Cloning of draws.
- History of draws.
- The administrator of the draw has the ability to cancel it.
- He can add new participants, and redo the draw (completely new or preserving the previous pairings)
- The administrator can change the name and image of the raffle and the date of delivery of gifts.
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My Secret Santas Gift Exchange 4.1.16 Update
٢ أبريل ٢٠٢١ Version History
Automatic image location by pasting the URLs of the products when we register or modify a wish in our wish list.Navigation from the wish list to the product page, if there is a URL in the wish.

~Juan Carlos Delgado
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Price: FREE
Version: 4.1.16
Compatibility: Requires ‫يتطلب iOS 12 or later
Bundle Id: com.misamigosinvisibles.sorteos.regalos.navidad.secret.santas
Size: ٤٧٫٤ م.ب.
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: ٢ أبريل ٢٠٢١
Last Update: ٢ أبريل ٢٠٢١
Content Rating: ‪١٧+‬
Developer: Juan Carlos Delgado
Language: الإنجليزية -
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