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Immune Boost Qigong
Immune Boost Qigong

Immune Boost Qigong

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Release Date: 2020-04-21
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• $9.99 IAP / Stream or download qigong video lessons by Dr. Yang.

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches how to boost your immune system and discusses the theory of Four Seasons Qigong, with 25 exercises to improve your health. Qigong means "energy work" and is sometimes called "moving meditation". Using simple exercises to boost your Wei Qi (guardian energy) and stimulate the belt vessel, an energy meridian around the waist, you can increase your immunity and maintain your health.

Renowned Qigong expert and author Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming discusses the theory of Four Seasons Qigong (Si Ji Gong). Four Seasons Qigong is a well-known traditional medical Qigong practice in which one learns how to regulate the body from one season to the next to avoid common illnesses. This Qigong specializes in training the five internal Yin organs; heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen, which correspond to the four seasons the year.

It is believed that when we get sick it is often due to slow adaptability and immune response, such as during the changes from one season to another. For example, when Fall arrives, it is easier to catch a cold, and when Summer comes, the heart can be too excited. By practicing Four Seasons Qigong, you are able to adjust your body’s Qi during the change of seasons so your health can be maintained.

Dr. Yang's systematic approach to teaching offers deep insight into the ancient art of Qigong with modern scientific data to support his theory from both an Eastern and Western perspective.

• Dr. Yang instructs 25 qigong exercises & explains the related healing sounds
• Basic Five Elements TCM theory and its relationship to the organs
• Learn Four Seasons acupressure (qigong massage) techniques
• Understand how to use qigong to alleviate depression & stress
• 14 Video Lessons / 210 minutes / 3 hours 28 mins.

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(Yang’s Martial Arts Association)

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