Preflight Cessna 177 Checklist
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Preflight Cessna 177 Checklist
Preflight Cessna 177 Checklist

Preflight Cessna 177 Checklist

Developer: Raj Kumar
App Size: 31.54 MB
Release Date: 2018-09-03
Price: ₺134,99
31.54 MB
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Preflight Cessna 177 Cardinal cover every aspect of flight, from arriving at the aircraft through takeoff, cruise, landing, and a comprehensive emergencies/abnormals section. Emergencies are arranged by system, meaning no more digging through pages to find the right section. Preflight Cessna 177 Cardinal trademark is creating checklists that are easy for pilots to use.

The Preflight Cessna 177 Cardinal Checklists have over four decades of combined active flight instruction and flying experience at all levels of industry, with instruction and flight time in this aircraft. Further, they have taken advantage of the past 20 years of checklist design research. team incorporates industry-best practices into these checklists and forthcoming publications. They not only create checklists, they use them in daily instruction and flying.

Topics Covered:-
Preflight, Takeoff/Cruise, Landing, Abnormals and Emergencies, V-speed list, and more!
* Sectioned into tabs
* Complete Table of Contents
* Indestructible, non-glare laminated pages
* Covers every aspect of flight
* Spiral bound checklist
* Larger, more readable font
* Easy to use, easy to read
* By Far, The Most Complete Single Card Checklist On The Market.
* Over A Decade Of Time-Tested Evolution, Assuring You Of Having The Most Comprehensive & Accurate Data Possible.
* Intuitive. Data That Is Logical, Concise, & Complete.
* Emergency Procedures That Are Found Instantly.
* No Searching. Procedures That Are Complete & Easy To Read.
* Accurate & Specific Data And Procedures For YOUR Model/Year Aircraft.
* The Most Comprehensive V Speed Section In The Industry.
* Speeds Are Given In Both KNOTS & MPH.
* Everything On One Card. No Pages To Flip. One Of The Few Checklists That Will Continue
* Full Color Graphic Layout, Greatly Enhancing Quick Reference & Reduced Eye Strain.
* A Dedicated Departure, Cruise, & Arrival Section.
* Fuel, Oil, Electrical, Tire, & Weight Information.
* Important Communication Frequencies, & Light Signals.
* Linear Scale for Measuring WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, ElA, & JEPPESEN Mileage Distances.
* Since 1992, The Only Company To Offer A Lifetime Warranty To Pilots And Flight Schools.

On the back are the EMERGENCY procedures with the subject headings highlighted in red; No time lost reading excessive wording or critical time lost searching through a flip book for the correct procedure …. just concise, logical data that is INSTANTLY available. Again, you will notice our procedures are complete.

Next are light gun signals and common frequencies. The yellow box in the corner gives useful information such as loads, fuel type and capacity, oil, electrical, and tire information. Data you actually use on each flight.

The CFO Checklist is designed to help our Members in the ownership of their Cardinals, guiding their inspections through such tasks as at an annual, before that first spring flight, at annual inspection or to pre-qualify the aircraft before putting it up for sale.

If you are a prospective Cardinal purchasers, the Checklist will provide a virtual cirriculm of Cardinal learning, a great way to learn the details required to make you a safe, frugal and happy Cardinal owner. We have all travelled down this path in our time and this checklist is your framework to share in the knowledge we share on this site.

The Checklist may also assist in the pre-purchase buyer walkaround or as a checklist for the person doing the formal prepurchase inspection. However, be aware that this list has only the list of issues. To understand specifically what to look for and what it means, you must click through to the subject articles.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that an A&P with just this list in hand will accurately assess a Cardinal. Some may have personally experienced these issues in the maintenance of a Cardinal, but most have not.
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Release Date: 2018-09-03
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