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Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools

Developer: Sven Camrath
App Size: 93.3 MB
Release Date: 2015-09-22
Price: Free
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93.3 MB
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This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Ghost Hunting functionality!

Detect and hunt ghosts and spirits with easy-to-use EMF meters, EVP detection, and word analysis! Ghost Hunting Tools for iPhone and iPad, easy to use for beginners and professionals alike!

Ghost Hunting Tools makes use of a variety of sensors in your phone or tablet and gives your easy-to-use access to EMF meters and EVP detectors to detect and hunt ghost and spirits. The included EVP analysis with the over 1000 words strong dictionary analyzes to captured EVPs and in combination with the sensors for the EMF meter and other environmental reads, it will approximate the meaning and select the closest corresponding meaning.

# What are EMF meters? EMF meters are instruments that read the fluctuation in electromagnetic fields. Ghost Hunting Tools detectors are a combination of different EMF meters and use triple axis detection. It will detect variations and anomalies in the electromagnetic field, using various sensors like the magnetometer built into your device.

• You may experience paranormal activity between 2 and six milligauss - the readout is calibrated on these parameters. The history graphs below the primary readout are recording the strength, helping you tracking sources easier. If the readout indicates fluctuations in the field, we recommend slowing down and letting the app calibrate on the signal. If the signal is a false-positive, the strength will slowly decrease or increase if the fluctuation is permanent and less likely to be a wrong read.

• What are EVPs? EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, are grunts, words, or even simple sentences caught on tape during recording sessions. Usually, these events cannot be heard since they mostly occur in certain ELF ranges. Together with the EMF detector, this ghost detector will capture sounds from your device's microphone, analyze the audio, and playback any anomalies detected. The ghost detector graphs are indicating the base level of noise from FM bands and the microphone - if an anomaly has been detected, the second set of graphs will display the wavelengths.

• Word Interpreter: Ghost Hunting Tools will analyze the audio file and in combination with the sensors for the EMF meter and other environmental reads, it will approximate the meaning and select the closest matching meaning from the built-in dictionary. The processing time can vary and depends on your device's processor unit. Similar devices are used by paranormal investigators and can help to evaluate a spirit's intention.
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2023-08-01 Version History
Small code improvements

~Sven Camrath
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Size: 93.3 MB
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Release Date: 2015-09-22
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Developer: Sven Camrath
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