FaceRefresh AI Photo Restorer
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FaceRefresh AI Photo Restorer
FaceRefresh AI Photo Restorer

FaceRefresh AI Photo Restorer

Geliştirici: 嘉琦 沈
Uygulama Boyutu: 162,1 MB
Çıkış Tarihi: 27 Eyl 2023
Fiyat: FREE
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162,1 MB
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Key features:
• Face Sharpening: Transform blurry faces into crisp, clear focal points.
• Mosaic Removal: Eliminate pixelation specifically from faces for a smoother appearance.
• Color Correction: Balance facial tones to restore natural colors.
• Entirely On-Device Processing: All computations are performed entirely on your device, ensuring your data never leaves your phone.

Pricing: Buy once use forever.


Your memories are unique, priceless, and yours alone. As life moves on, it's these moments that matter most.
FaceRefresh is here to bring them back to life, vividly and securely, right on your device.


Product story

In a room so still, Emily held a photo, a memory on a sill.
Grandma Sarah's face, a blur, yet a smile that made her heart stir.

With a yearning pure, she tapped on FaceRefresh, so sure.
Her phone gave a hum, a signal that change had come.

She looked at the screen, where her grandma's smile was once again seen.
As vivid as a dream, as radiant as a sunbeam.

To her children, she showed the face, a smile that time couldn't erase.
Stories spun around a grin, a legacy of love from within.

That night, by her bed, the photo softly said,
"In this smile, I'm forever near," a whisper that calmed her fear.

In dreams so sweet, under that smile's silent greet,
Emily found peace, in memories that never cease.
Daha Fazla Göster
FaceRefresh AI Photo Restorer 1.0.3 22 Eki 2023
22 Eki 2023 Sürüm Geçmişi
Added support for enhancing the entire image

~嘉琦 沈
Hakkında Daha Fazla Bilgi: FaceRefresh AI Photo Restorer
Fiyat: FREE
Sürüm: 1.0.3
Uyumluluk: iOS 16 veya Sonrası
Paket Kimliği:
Boyut: 162,1 MB
Çıkış Tarihi: 27 Eyl 2023
Son Güncelleme: 22 Eki 2023
İçerik Derecesi: 4+
Geliştirici: 嘉琦 沈
Dil: İngilizce -
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