A-level Sociology
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A-level Sociology
A-level Sociology

A-level Sociology

Geliştirici: Grade Growers Ltd
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Çıkış Tarihi: 26 Mar 2018
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Studying AQA A-level Sociology? It's hard to remember all the sociologists and key terms, right? Revise everything through flashcards and multiple-choice quizzes, covering all the essential knowledge you'll need for your exams.

There's also an 'essay assistant' to get you writing like a sociologist, and a question guide to remind you of what's needed for each type of exam question. There's also a breakdown of each exam paper and detailed mind maps!

This app covers the all the core units of Education, Research Methods, Crime & Deviance, Theory & Methods as well as the most popular option units of Families, Beliefs in Society and Media.

Unlike other revision apps, there are NO in-app purchases. You'll have everything you need from the moment you've downloaded it.
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A-level Sociology 10 1 Kas 2020
1 Kas 2020 Sürüm Geçmişi
Small bug fixes to keep your AQA A-level Sociology revision as enjoyable as possible.

~Grade Growers Ltd
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