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Wartune Ultra
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Wartune Ultra
Wartune Ultra

Wartune Ultra

Wartune Crews Sincere Work

Разработчик: 7road International HK Limited
Размер приложения: 1.47 GB
Дата выпуска: 2024-03-07
Цена: Free
124 Оценки
1.47 GB
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The official mobile version of the 10-year-old classic web game Wartune is coming soon! This classic and strategic fantasy RPG game is also designed by the original team, and developed by the original studio, 7Road! It will take you back to the classic gameplays, but will also amaze you with brand-new skill systems and various battle strategies, allowing you to experience turn-based epic fights!
Here you'll be a powerful lord, constructing your city, recruiting Sylphs, and fighting the dark force with allies! The horn of war once again blows between the Human Empire and the Void Legion! Dinah is expecting you to return to Cloud City and rewrite your war glory!

[Unique Official Mobile Version of Wartune]
· 10-year-old classic Wartune will be available on both PC and mobile devices! A sincere piece of work by the original studio, bringing back the classic IP heroes!
· Synchronized data on the mobile devices and the PC, allowing you to play the game anywhere you want!

[Fight in the Guild War for the Utmost Glory]
· Reunite with friends and gather with Guild mates.
· Multiple languages are supported to help you break the language barrier and build a diverse community.
· Form powerful teams with friends from all over the world and guard the peace of the Wartune Continent together!

[Become Champion of PVP Battles]
· Join exciting PVP battles with heroes from various classes: Knights, Mages, or Archers! Pick the ones you prefer and join the battles with friends!
· Come and prove your supreme power in the Arena, the Guild Battle, and other various PVP events!

[Advanced Sylphs to Assist in Battles]
· Gaia, Athena, and Medusa are here to help you overcome all those trials! Behold the great power hidden under their sweet looks!
· Sylphs of various stats, and innovative equipment with more powerful effects are also here to help you conquer the Wartune continent!

[Build The Greatest City]
· Customize your buildings and be the lord of your city! Build facilities and train troops to increase your battle level.
· Develop from multiple aspects to make your gaming time as rich as possible.

You can check more info on all of our official platforms!
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Wartune Ultra 2.1.4 2024-03-07
Based on the original classic Wartune, Wartune Ultra deepens the stategic gameplay features and character development for players to explore diverse gameplay styles and strategies.
You will begin an epic journey with upgraded character level, advanced Sylphs, various mount companions and powerful troops to defend Wartune continent and defeat the evil beings.
Wartune Ultra will also bring you a whole new aduiovisual experience with newly-designed art performance and enhanced sound effect.

It's time for a hero to return. Create your own legendary story here in Wartune Ultra!

~7road International HK Limited
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Цена: Free
Версия: 2.1.4
Совместимость: 11.0 Или позднее
ID пакета: com.wan.wartuneh5
Размер: 1.47 GB
Дата выпуска: 2024-03-07
Последнее обновление: 2024-03-07
Оценка содержания: 12+
Разработчик: 7road International HK Limited
Язык: EN - FR - DE - PT - ZH - ES - ZH - TR -
Все приложения и игры, разработанные: 7road International HK Limited
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