Solfeggio Frequencies Player
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Solfeggio Frequencies Player
Solfeggio Frequencies Player

Solfeggio Frequencies Player

Desenvolvedor: SYQEL INC
Tamanho do App: 93.08 MB
Data de Lançamento: 2024-06-20
Preço: R$ 399,90
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You already have the power to control the quality of the food you eat, water you drink and air you breathe. It’s time to control the quality of audio frequencies your mind, body & soul are absorbing!

Now imagine having all of your music re-tuned to every Solfeggio Frequency and 432Hz...

With Solfeggio Frequency Player you can infuse music you already listen to with sound healing benefits!

+ Save thousands of hours converting your music catalog
+ Enjoy unlimited real time frequency re-tuning
+ Avoid duplicate files and hard drive clutter
+ No technical skills required
+ Zero learning curve!

With Solfeggio Frequency Player you can listen to any song re-tuned to any Solfeggio Frequency and the magical earth tone - 432 Hz without having to waste any time downloading & converting files!

Surround yourself with sound healing music all day long!
+ Improve Your Sleep
+ Boost Your Immunity
+ Enhance Your Creativity
+ Reduced Your Stress & Anxiety
+ Relieve Your Pain, Tension & Soreness
+ Release Chakra Blockage
+ Elevate Your Wellbeing
+ Raise Your Vibration
+ Shift Your Frequency

Bonus #1: Favorite’s playlist
Hear a song you like? Click on the heart icon to add it to your favorites list so you can easily find it later

Bonus #2: Bulk add songs to playlists of music you love
Create playlists from entire folders and artists catalogs in seconds!

Bonus #3: Sleep timer
Set a countdown timer to when you would like the app to automatically stop playing music!

Bonus #4: Sort tracks by duration
Easily find long, uninterrupted tracks & DJ sets for any long activity like a hike, work out session, meditation, relaxation and more!
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Preço: R$ 399,90
Versão: 1.0.1
Compatibilidade: 14.0 ou posterior
ID do Pacote: org.solfeggiofrequencies.player
Tamanho: 93.08 MB
Gênero: Music Utilities
Data de Lançamento: 2024-06-20
Última Atualização: 2024-06-20
Classificação Indicativa: +4
Desenvolvedor: SYQEL INC
Idioma: EN -
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