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GPS Locate

Desenvolvedor: David Southgate
Tamanho do App: 4,5 MB
Data de Lançamento: 19 de ago. de 2019
Preço: R$ 4,90
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4,5 MB
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GPS Locate gives you a fast and accurate way to find your current location (and altitude) in various different coordinate systems!

Your location can be viewed:
• Within the app
• As a widget for fast access from the home or lock screen
• In the Apple Watch App
• As an Apple Watch complication to see at a glance

Supports the following coordinate systems:
• Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
• British (Ordnance Survey)
• Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS)
• Irish (Ordnance Survey Ireland)
• Latitude and Longitude
• Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)

The watchOS app uses HealthKit to integrate with the Health app to offer workout tracking. Not only does this allow you to keep track of your walk but this also keeps the app open so you can locate yourself at a glance.

Note: This app only supports traditional "Today View" widgets and not the new iOS 14 style widgets. For more infmation see:
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GPS Locate 1.1.2 23 de jan. de 2024
23 de jan. de 2024 Histórico de Versões
Minor bug fixes.

~David Southgate
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Preço: R$ 4,90
Versão: 1.1.2
Compatibilidade: Requer iOS 13 ou posterior
ID do Pacote:
Tamanho: 4,5 MB
Gênero: Navigation
Data de Lançamento: 19 de ago. de 2019
Última Atualização: 23 de jan. de 2024
Classificação Indicativa: ALA L +4
Desenvolvedor: David Southgate
Idioma: Inglês -
Todos os Apps e Jogos Desenvolvidos por: David Southgate
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