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Room of Depression
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Room of Depression
Room of Depression

Room of Depression

Deweloper: Yaozuo Games Ltd
Rozmiar aplikacji: 1,7 GB
Data wydania: 29 lut 2024
Cena: 19,99 zł
6 Oceny
1,7 GB
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Is there anyone around you that suffers from depression? Do you really understand depression? This game allows you to enter a world of people who suffer from depression and understand how to deal with people with depression properly.

"Room of Depression" is an adventure game that focuses on the atmosphere and experience of depression.

Players experience Moon's daily life. Her encounters may be as ordinary as any passer-by but her world is very different from others. The big and small events in life affect her differently because she suffers from depression.

Depression is a common mental illness around the world, especially in developed cities. The mission of this work is to not only explain depression, but to let players have a taste of depression themselves through the game experience.
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Cena: 19,99 zł
Wersja: 1.0
Kompatybilność: Wymaga systemu iOS 12 Lub późniejszy
ID Pakietu: com.firepillar2.rod.ios
Rozmiar: 1,7 GB
Gatunek: Games
Data wydania: 29 lut 2024
Ocena treści: 4+
Deweloper: Yaozuo Games Ltd
Język: Angielski -
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