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Deweloper: supermono limited
Rozmiar aplikacji: 32.1 MB
Data wydania: Aug 19, 2010
Cena: $1.99
106 Oceny
32.1 MB
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iPhone X
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EpicWin is an iPhone app that puts the adventure back into your life. It’s a streamlined to-do list, to quickly note down all your everyday tasks, but with a role-playing spin. So rather than just ticking off your chores and reminders, completing each one earns you XP to improve and develop your character in an ongoing quest to improve stats, gain riches, and level-up.

To-do list with a Role-Playing Game spin
Streamlined and fast to use
Range of avatars to level-up with
Destroy your chores in animated battles
Points and rewards for completing your tasks
Loot to discover and share

By getting points for your chores it's easier to actually get things done. We all have good intentions but we need a bit of encouragement here and there. Doing the laundry is an epic feat of stamina so why not get stamina points for it?!

The to-do list is fully-featured and supports repeating tasks, displays reminders for overdue events and allows time-critical events to be assigned to specific days, while more aspirational quests can be set to "someday" so you don't lose sight of your goals. And each task completed is destroyed by your avatar, so get your Undead Warrior to beat-up your laundry, or your Treeman to headbutt your overspilling inbox.

The app is supplied with 5 animated avatars which grow in characteristics that represent your own life. Will you be a Maiden of Juggled Priorities, or a King of Win? The lifestyle you lead will decide.
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EpicWin 1.78 Nov 26, 2020
Nov 26, 2020 Historia wersji
Finally the Skeleton arises from his grave from 4 years of death to notice the state of the current world, make a fix on the graphical glitches and going back to being dead.

~supermono limited
Więcej informacji o: EpicWin
Cena: $1.99
Wersja: 1.78
Kompatybilność: Requires iOS 10 Lub późniejszy
Rozmiar: 32.1 MB
Gatunek: Productivity
Data wydania: Aug 19, 2010
Ostatnia aktualizacja: Nov 26, 2020
Ocena treści: 4+
Deweloper: supermono limited
Język: English -
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