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Task and Habit Tracker
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Task and Habit Tracker
Task and Habit Tracker

Task and Habit Tracker

Deweloper: 勇 牛
Rozmiar aplikacji: 72,6 MB
Data wydania: 29 lut 2024
Cena: 4,99 zł
6 Oceny
72,6 MB
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"Task and Habit Tracker" is a software application that provides users with tracking tasks and habits. The app is designed to help users better manage their time, improve their life and work efficiency, and achieve their personal goals.

The main functions are as follows:

1. Task management: add short-term tasks or cyclic tasks, set priorities, cyclic modes, lists, etc. The home page displays the tasks of the day or the selected date, and the countdown/countdown operation can be carried out for each task.

2. Habit Formation: The app allows users to create habits such as exercise, study, reading, etc. Users can set a daily or weekly time, and the app will remind users to perform habits at the specified time to help users develop good habits.

3. Calendar view: Users can view tasks and habits for the entire month, which makes it easy to plan their time as a whole.

4. Statistics: The application will generate statistical reports based on the user's task and habit completion, such as the number of tasks completed, habit formation, etc. Users can view their progress and thus adjust their strategies to better achieve their goals.

5. Settings: can export data, set password, change theme, backup data, etc.

"Task and Habit Tracker" is a great task and habit management tool, whether you are a student, professional or freelancer, you can improve your quality of life and work efficiency through this app.
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Task and Habit Tracker 1.2 4 mar 2024
4 mar 2024 Historia wersji
* Fixed some known issues.

~勇 牛
Więcej informacji o: Task and Habit Tracker
Cena: 4,99 zł
Wersja: 1.2
Kompatybilność: Wymaga systemu iOS 12 Lub późniejszy
ID Pakietu: com.jackbettersli.DailyTaskList
Rozmiar: 72,6 MB
Gatunek: Productivity
Data wydania: 29 lut 2024
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 4 mar 2024
Ocena treści: 4+
Deweloper: 勇 牛
Język: Angielski - Chiński tradycyjny - Chiński uproszczony -
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